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    Best of ‘Divorce Court’ Season 8 – Schropshire vs. Schropshire

    Watch the full episode of “Divorce Court” from Season 8.

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      Divorce With Respect: Learn About Collaborative Practice

      For more information on all aspects of family law, please visit our website at and our blog at This interview was reproduced with the expressed written consent of the executive producer of Sacramento’s local ABC affiliate, News10. Divorce and dissolution Child Custody and visitation Child Support Spousal Support Prenuptial Agreement Paternity Domestic Violence and restraining orders Registered Domestic Partnerships Collaborative family law Divorce mediation Tax issues of divorce Judgment modifications Out of state custody proceedings

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        Ohio Divorce Law “Duration of the Marriage:The Beginning” Part 4 of 4. (330) 253-1550 (Toll free) 1 855 SKIDLAW Akron divorce attorney Eric Skidmore concludes the topic of “Duration of the Marriage” with a review of establishing the beginning date, general prohibition of common law marriage in Ohio and 2 exceptions dealing with common law marriage proven before October 1991 and establishing the existence of common law marriage recognized by other states.

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