Y&R classic moments: Katherine signs the divorce papers

Phillip Chancellor (Donnelly Rhodes) finds Katherine (Jeanne Cooper) drunk and pleads with her to sign the divorce agreement. Devastated, she eventually signs the papers ending their marriage and frees Phillip to marry Jill Foster.

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25 Responses to Y&R classic moments: Katherine signs the divorce papers

  1. rickrik00 says:


  2. laminage says:

    He got sick of her drinking adelgado75 as far as I know and he fell in love with Jill. I could be wrong but that’s my theory. I was Seven when Y & R came on the air, I didn’t watch Soaps then.

  3. dustin35713 says:


    who are you referring too as being some 18 year old model getting an Emmy their first year?

  4. TimsDale4ever says:

    No one in particular. What I meant was here’s Cooper (an OBVIOUS talent) and it takes 33 years to receive the emmy. Then some boring character like Amber, or Jana, or Chloe is on the show for 8 months and their first year they’re handed an emmy in the “younger female” category, or the “best supporting actress” category. I’ve seen it happen on other shows. There’s nothing wrong with the acting with those 3, but when you compare them to someone like Cooper, something’s wrong with the system!

  5. HGbunny says:

    I didn’t watch Y&R this quite this early in the series because Grandma didn’t watch it & made me nap during this time. I came in just a little afterwards in the series. I don’t remember ever having seen the senior Phillip Chancelor. He reminds me a bit of a refined Harvey Korman. Maybe it’s the hair and facial hair styles the men in Hollywood wore back then.

    I LOVE Katherine’s outfit.

  6. cjdeperro says:

    Can anyone put a year to this clip? 1975? 1976?

  7. bouvier21 says:

    awesome. jeanne cooper is such a legend

  8. Messylin says:

    LOL!!! Kay is like the Absinthe Fairy at the end of this clip!

  9. yandrsupreme says:

    This episode is from May 1975.

  10. JAldridge86 says:


  11. JAldridge86 says:

    Exactly, not to mention the show was only a half-hour at this point.

  12. scottyfilmbuff says:

    i never watched ynr til 1990. Thankyou so much for posting this. I actually get to see Phillip and now I know why katherine and Jill always fought over the estate. I can identify when my man left me i was like this designer clothes a beautiful home and a bottle of vodka. Ah men as Margo Channing would say lol.

  13. TheYoung450 says:

    It took Jeanne Copper 30 years for a Emmy, while some Amber gets it in 8 months.

  14. MrMewpy says:

    Katherine hasn’t change in more than 35 years!

  15. NFitalianGuy says:

    The Phillip Chancellor wasn’t on the show that long but even to this day he is mentioned. It’s unbelievable how a short stint on the show still is remembered. I am shocked they never brought him back in Soap Opera style of having him in the hospital in a “COMA”.. I used to watch this yrs ago and started up again. It’s remarkable that you can stop watching and 20+ yrs later tune in an still see and hear about the same characters.

  16. judysweetfunny says:

    @NFitalianGuy more lilke thirty years or more later!!!!!

  17. bouvier21 says:

    granted though jeanne’s emmy was more notable than adrienne’s. jeanne’s was lead actress and adrienne was younger actress. let’s face it, in a category where only the younger actresses are included it’s not that hard for any of them to emerge a winner. the bar is not set that high.

  18. wlochacz1980 says:

    was she in this role good enough to name this clip “classic moments”? i ask, cause i do not know how is to be a good actress and actor both in science art of film…

  19. satiny1984 says:

    they fought because katherine was a drunk and she hired jill from the beauty shop to be her social secretary and phillip came on to her. katherine caught them in the pool house having sex, jill got pregnant and on his deathbed he married jill left jill money to be taken care but kay of, but kay took her to court and won and left jill with no money and that is why they fight all the time.

  20. SpiritofTruth2009 says:

    I wonder if he is still living? It would be great if he came back from the dead. 😉

  21. pytko3 says:

    Katherine was behaving recklessly with her drinking and smoking and it repelled Phillip away from her. Jill(who was working as Katherine’s personal beauticion at the time) got drawn to Phillip and he was drawn to her. They ended up spending one night together and realized that they loved each other. Phillip also found out that he had gotten Jill pregnant and wanted to speed up the divorce so he and Jill could marry immediately and raise their child, but Phillip died in a car crash.

  22. vrj40 says:

    This same man that played Phillip also played Blanche Devereaux’s love interest on a Golden Girl’s episode back in the 1980’s.

  23. bouvier21 says:

    @vrj40 omg it’s doc cottle from battlestar galactica!!!

  24. FoxyMillz says:

    What triggered her drinking tho in the first place??

  25. TeamNewAngeles2 says:

    I am happy years later Kay found a real man to love.

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