You Can’t Do That On Television – Divorce 3 (of 3)

1984 EPISODE 073 – DIVORCE Pre-empted Show: Family Ties Get Untied The producer and his wife are getting divorced, and she takes half of everything, including costumes, scripts *and* green slime! Production: Split Down The Middle DID YOU NOTICE? * Adoption was the only episode banned in the US. However, in Canada, both Adoption and Divorce were banned. Air date: Unknown s: Justin Cammy, Alasdair Gillis, Abby Hagyard, Les Lye, Christine McGlade, Lisa Ruddy, Marjorie Silcoff, Matt Cook w: Roger Price, Geoffrey Darby, Terry Taylor d: Brenda Mason

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    25 Responses to You Can’t Do That On Television – Divorce 3 (of 3)

    1. unclefestus says:

      ummm I don’t know. ACK! *tries to dodge the slime*

    2. NazTb0y says:

      well, South Park and Family Guy have done a lot that’s similar. You are right, however, that you truly couldn’t do this on Nickelodeon anymore. I seriously hate Nick. It got it’s balls ripped off and became so goddamn sanitized.

    3. SuaveGemini says:

      Moose was her real life child nickname cause she was ironically small for mer age. At least thats’s what the Slime TV website and interviews said.

    4. laurenmargaux says:

      i agree.. they are very controversial shows – however, using kids in skits that are controversial is something you really couldn’t do on television 🙂

    5. NazTb0y says:

      you’ve got a point there, but you should check out the Pokemon episode in Season 3 of south park. The spoof Alabama Man commercial uses kid actors who do and say things that are at least as controversial as anything that took place on this show. The Christmas episode in Season 1 has another spoof commercial that uses kids for a Mr. Hanky doll, which is quite risque.

    6. laurenmargaux says:

      and in turn, i see your point, but also south park does not have a child-dominated cast on a regular basis.

    7. DeleteThisMF says:

      Well yea, of course THOSE shows push the envelope, but I mean kids shows on like you said pussified Nick. This stuff is racy in todays kid show standards

    8. landcommander1981 says:

      Its not as controversial as current shows, such as South Park, certain episodies of King of the Hill, Family Guy and American Dad.

    9. kljMN2 says:

      Ross: I’m going to give her a piece of my mind!

      Moose: Sure you can spare it?


    10. cowtippingrocks says:

      Whats that picture of on 6:12 in the background..

    11. CherryGanz says:

      I’m 30 and I still laugh anytime someone says “water”.

    12. jscott8325 says:

      Its Snoopy in a sombrero, leaning against a cactus!

    13. only257 says:

      great show thanks for uploading this episode bringing back memories, man has nick gone dumb down with true jackson vp that show is stupid and pointless!

    14. matthew3alex says:

      I love the part when Lisa got slimed with half a slime.

    15. IVoNzIpPeRI says:

      they sould bring back these episodes on nick…..

    16. TohellwithHSM says:

      @only257 Not to mention iCarly or spongebob.

    17. only257 says:

      icarly and spongebob i love those shows those shows are good expect for true jackson vp that show is totally stupid

    18. lenankev says:

      This show was awesome!It help take the anxiety of divorce and made it funny!I only wish that they would release it in a dvd set! I would love for my children to watch it!

    19. landrykkb says:

      @deesyphrr My mother is the touchiest woman in the world,but she never said boo about us watching this.I never thought of the Firing Squads skits as inappropriate at the time,but this show sure was cutting edge for the 80’s.

    20. pyrogyra72 says:

      @IVoNzIpPeRI If they did, they’d edit it to death. I say re run these shows on Comedy central. (complete and Uncut!)

    21. NJburbsSeeker says:

      Les Lye RIP played every adult, and always made me laugh.

    22. ultimatemegadeath says:

      @pyrogyra72 , dude, fuck that! bring em out on BLU RAY! the entire series!

    23. ultimatemegadeath says:

      I’ll Keep Lisa! >;D

    24. KaristaSwiss says:

      53 is a classic WAIT A MINUTE 😮

    25. HawkfanMom1981 says:

      They need to have a channel with all the old nick shows from the 80s. The 80s were the best. TV was worth watching back then unlike now. You’re better off buying DVDs and watching your own movies nowadays. Anyone know if these episodes are on Blue ray DVDs?

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