You Can’t Do That On Television – Divorce 2 (of 3)

1984 EPISODE 073 – DIVORCE Pre-empted Show: Family Ties Get Untied The producer and his wife are getting divorced, and she takes half of everything, including costumes, scripts *and* green slime! Production: Split Down The Middle DID YOU NOTICE? * Adoption was the only episode banned in the US. However, in Canada, both Adoption and Divorce were banned. Air date: Unknown s: Justin Cammy, Alasdair Gillis, Abby Hagyard, Les Lye, Christine McGlade, Lisa Ruddy, Marjorie Silcoff, Matt Cook w: Roger Price, Geoffrey Darby, Terry Taylor d: Brenda Mason

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    25 Responses to You Can’t Do That On Television – Divorce 2 (of 3)

    1. brubakes says:

      wow, what a place to share.

    2. gangstaboo405 says:

      if ya cant take it dont read it

    3. brubakes says:

      You posted on an open public forum!?

    4. sfields619 says:

      i really like that this show touched on and made fun of subjects that really did affect kids. No other kids show was talking about divorce but millions of american kids were dealing with divorce. Funny how you get a completely different perspective on kids shows when your an adult.

    5. marimbachic says:

      This show was funny and edgy. Go Canada. I agree with whomever commented that kids could handle much more in the 80s and weren’t so coddled. And witth womever commented that these look like real kids…today everything is bland and conformed. and disney kids are polished to look like little adults. Say what you will about 80s fashion…at least it was interesting and unique. and these kids have some keat on their bones…not starved for skinny jeans.

    6. kljMN2 says:

      At 2:50, that dad reminds me of Al Bundy from Married with Children for some reason..

    7. malfoy2 says:

      That leather tough guy looks was something I remember that. Gave me weird feelings too.

    8. captainhero518 says:

      Yeah…check out the 1989/90 season…not only did Les get slimed a lot, but Abby too!

    9. gtz1975 says:

      R.I.P. Les Lye 1924-2009

    10. only257 says:

      great show bringing back memories!

    11. ajones35 says:

      4:38 Check out those butts 🙂

    12. Uniteusall says:

      i think this is the only episode where the mom didn’t wear gloves.

    13. greatblueeyes says:

      i rembe rthis show my older brother and sister used to watch this

    14. GreenPencil305 says:

      “Leave my children fatherless, will you?!”


    15. DamStanky says:

      I had the BIGGEST crush on Christine McGlade! >:o)

    16. adamdicy says:


      So, did I, I loved everything about Christine, and this show, everyday I watched it, even though my mom didn’t want me too, she said to me and I quote “Adam, I don’t want you watching that shit”, I didn’t listen to her LMAO.

    17. adamdicy says:


      I didn’t know that Les passed away, this show was the bomb, and a definate favorite of mine.

      R.I.P Les Lye 1924-2009

      Ross, Lance, Teacher, etc. truly a gifted comedy writer/actor.

    18. gtz1975 says:

      Lye died in Ottawa, Ontario on July 21, 2009. Lye had previously suffered a mild heart attack in 2002, and suffered from diabetes in his later years.

    19. Katalyzt says:

      As did I ★★★★★


    20. armst012 says:

      Divorce Drugs.. Did they cover sex on this show.. I know with Drugs they used the Pie in the face metaphor.

    21. astrofiasco says:

      Wow.. interesting. I was a kid and didnt understand this but after looking at these clips.. wow. Are these on Dvd’s?

    22. ultimatemegadeath says:

      christine and lisa shouldve done this show with NO clothes on…which would be sexy! but you do realize, that this comment is the introduction to the opposite sketches!

    23. KaristaSwiss says:

      4:15 I remember that joke Maybe it IS all your fault 😮

    24. Sammy4549 says:

      4:42 Isn’t that Kevin?

    25. chocolateman85006 says:

      This is one of the last great North American shows.

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