You Can’t Do That On Television – Divorce 1 (of 3)

1984 EPISODE 073 – DIVORCE Pre-empted Show: Family Ties Get Untied The producer and his wife are getting divorced, and she takes half of everything, including costumes, scripts *and* green slime! Production: Split Down The Middle DID YOU NOTICE? * Adoption was the only episode banned in the US. However, in Canada, both Adoption and Divorce were banned. Air date: Unknown s: Justin Cammy, Alasdair Gillis, Abby Hagyard, Les Lye, Christine McGlade, Lisa Ruddy, Marjorie Silcoff, Matt Cook w: Roger Price, Geoffrey Darby, Terry Taylor d: Brenda Mason

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    25 Responses to You Can’t Do That On Television – Divorce 1 (of 3)

    1. Sammy4549 says:

      I wonder if anyone out there has the Adoption episode. I wanna see what the big deal is with that one.

    2. KitsuneNights says:

      I think I just lost it when the mother pulled the pin, realized she threw the pen then throws it to her kid. XD OMG that so would NOT fly today, but that is so damn funny!

    3. 0ogie420 says:

      there should be a classic nickelodeon channel with only the old shows and Commercials

    4. Mounopliktos says:

      This episode was the second one banned in Canada.

    5. HawkfanMom1981 says:

      @ultimatemegadeath – I heard that!
      LMAO It’s a good line.

    6. JB17Wagna says:

      @disconnected22 D’IIII HEARD THAT! i’m one of those kids and i don’t really like what they give!

    7. MsMedford says:

      @disconnected22 lmao that is so true!!!!!!

    8. PriceRight89 says:

      @disconnected22 Not just kids, parents as well.

    9. fieldhockeygk11 says:

      I love how I can watch my professor on TV from the 80s…hilarious! ohhhh Justin

    10. Melcat96 says:

      @irelandsalvo Why do they call her Moose?

    11. ajlee35 says:

      “Divorce” also known as a legal alternative to murder.

    12. Bladerunner93 says:

      @disconnected22 kids today aren’t pussies; if anything, kids back then were. Who do you think are the ones complaining about violence on TV today? The kids back then, who couldn’t handle this stuff.

    13. thenomadishere says:


      Its not that kids are pussies. Its the idiotic “think of the children” mentality of the adults in charge that is the problem.

    14. Doperooni says:

      It’s true but the sad thing is its OUR generation that are raising the little cockgoblins. I think it was the “self esteem” craze of the 90’s. Everyone’s special my ass. Everyone’s an asshole.

    15. taavo420 says:

      @irelandsalvo they called her Moose cause she would use a
      lot of it in her hair

    16. neiljenkinson1 says:

      Thanks for this one

    17. nikitaldy01 says:

      Thank you SO MUCH for posting!!!! Brought back great memories

    18. daza2j96 says:

      Why was this episode so controversial that it was banned from the U.S.?

    19. DaneYoussef says:

      @irelandsalvo “They always called Christine “Moose,” but I thought she was´╗┐ pretty!”

      It was an oxymoron–as a joke, a juxtaposition. They called her “Moose” ’cause she was so little!

    20. bluestingerborg says:

      Bring this show back and get rid of all that foolishness from today.

    21. Jguy27 says:

      Thank you for posting this. I grew up watching this. Those were the good ole days when shows were really good.

    22. krklafej says:

      @X23109 SNL use to have the same a similar kind of preemptions in there 4th and 5th season

    23. ColoradoOwl says:

      I always remember this coming on and then the brittish cartoon Dangermouse would come on after

    24. campbellka says:

      I think we coddle too much. Kids are much smarter than we give them credit for and can take it.

    25. wolfen26 says:

      And to think this particular episode was considered controvercial back in the day.

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