Yellowman – Getting Married & Divorce

Yellowman – I’m Getting Married, 1982 Yellowman & Fathead – I’m Getting Divorce, 1983 Label: Volcano Producer: Henry “Junjo” Lawes Riddim: I’m Not Crazy/Worries In The Dance

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    25 Responses to Yellowman – Getting Married & Divorce

    1. dennim311 says:

      i love you king yellowman……

    2. rastainti says:

      The best and the pionery

    3. britishpakman says:

      could this be the greatest song of all time!!!!!!!

    4. rinadekkers says:

      hahaha i love yellow man

    5. Chel4seA says:

      love it…

    6. Fantastico1113 says:

      mi a di husband u a di wife, mi fry the chicken an u boil the rice lol yellow man

    7. zagmozi says:

      no me canso de escuchar a king yellowman,eres the best,saludos desde espaƱa,gracias.

    8. TONKSRED300 says:

      Whats The Weird Stuff ????

    9. mixwell1983 says:

      I like the im getting divorced segment better haha..

    10. nubianhorizons says:

      Yellowman..the Greatest Toaster to pick up a mike!



    12. MSCOCOATEA1 says:

      Dis goes out to my cuz Rhonda Panchoo…. We used to play & dance to yellow man late at night when we were supposed to be sleeping. Gud times!

    13. Barbiieray55 says:


    14. whagwan15 says:

      Whats the name of this riddim?

    15. misspeachesxx says:


    16. misspeachesxx says:

      iiiiiii hate disssssssssssssssssssssssss its old shite

    17. indoguju says:

      @misspeachesxx Calling yellowman shit? steupssss

    18. danvigi537 says:

      …one of the early Gods of Rap, or Dub as it was called long before Suburban idiots started eating the pablum known as Wankster Rap, it you can’t draw a line back to Yellow Man then maybe ‘stick men’ is where your arrested development sits at this juncture.

    19. tzq5fx says:

      yellowman is the best reggae artist ever

    20. dezzaitewa says:

      bo bo bo rewind selector…..king yello

    21. 76leegalize says:

      I LIKE THE DIVORCE SONG BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    22. dabou8 says:

      yeah’ cool 8 )

    23. parvezjakson says:

      King Yellow FOREVER!!!!!!!!

    24. parvezjakson says:

      @TZQ5FX ,i agree.. Hes So Awesome!

    25. RevGreen says:

      can’t wait to see him live this summer in the 515.

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