Wills?..How can i find out if my mother left a will?

I learned my mother past away march 2008. (i discovered this online, & got confirmation via county records dept) I was shocked by the fact my brother never let me or my children know. So now I suspect that my brother kept jewelry items my mother had promised my children. Plus i would for the sake of updating our family’s health history, like to learn what her cause of death was. Any suggestions please?? (thank you)

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    1. marci knows best says:

      In a perfect world the attorney or administrator would contact you. If your brother was the administrator, that might not have happened. Do you know where she died? If not, check the social security death index (free) http://ssdi.rootsweb.ancestry.com/

      Contact the state vital records department in the state where she died for a copy of her death certificate. You many need to prove you are related. There will be a small charge.

      Contact the probate court in the county where she died to see if a will was filed. If so, and you were to receive any property, contact an attorney or legal aid. If she died intestate (without a will) you are out of luck.

    2. Nothingusefullearnedinschool says:

      If you are in her will, her attorney, or administrator, will contact you.

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