Will getting a divorce make it harder to get permanent residence?

I received my conditional green card based on my marriage to my wife. We are planning to divorce because it is just not working out between us. I have to apply to remove the conditions on my green card 90 days before it expires. I looked on the USCIS website which says that you can still apply if you get divorced. But my question is if it is harder to have the condition removed if I get divorced? What are they looking for in order to accept the removal of the condition? Thank you.

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4 Responses to Will getting a divorce make it harder to get permanent residence?

  1. carrerahr says:

    Yes it is harder.
    They will look at your time here.
    Have you held a steady job?
    How long were you there?
    Did you get arrested or have convictions while you were here?
    Can you support yourself?
    Do you already have a place of your own to live?

    These are the kinds of things they are looking for.

  2. sarah_hone says:

    Yes it is hard! That is why they give you a conditional green card to begin with, they want to make sure you are in the marriage for the long haul, not just to get a greencard. Depends on your reasons for getting divorced I guess… you will have to try to convince the officer that the marriage was real. Only way they really overlook divorce is if there is some sort of documented abuse.

  3. Sidwell says:

    it will be impossible for you to get your permanent green card which means that you will be ILLEGAL and will no longer have any status in USa when the temporary green card expires.

    If you do get divorced within the first 2 years, then you may as well go back home because you will NOT get a green card.

    when you BOTH go for your status interview to update your status, those immigration people can sniff out a bad mariage. They know when you are lying and trying to make the marriage real when it is not.

  4. Nicole says:

    I would assume it would be difficult to have the condition removed, especially since you recd your status due to marrying a US citizen. If you have been married a short amount of time, I would guess less than a few years, then it will look suspicious to immigration, possibly sending up a red flag that you married just to gain residency.

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