Why the difference in peak divorce filing months between men and women?

According to the Census, January is the month when the most divorces are filed, with 90% of them being done by women. For men filing for divorce, it’s June.

Why the difference?

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    4 Responses to Why the difference in peak divorce filing months between men and women?

    1. Dee C says:

      Maybe it’s because women put "Get divorced" on their new years resolution list…j/k. Don’t really know, but that is a weird statistic.

    2. Shannon says:

      Women say "I’ll give it until the end of the year" and men say "Until summer"?

    3. ehanop says:

      The woman waits until after the holidays are over and and men wait until the kids get out of school.

    4. The Captian says:

      That is a very good question but Lifetime TV plays a huge role in the answer to it. The reason I know this is because my ex-wife watched it religiously. Around the end of the year the messages on that program tends to tell women to get divorced. Around the summer on the other hand they show programs that send the message for the wife to make the husbands life a living hell. If you do not believe me, check it out for yourself.

      Ok, winter time, things are rather calm in the mans workplace. Things are kind of slow and relaxed. This is not a good time to start fights because it is harder to do so. This is a good time for the woman to leave, so that is the message lifetime tv sends.

      Now, summer time. Things are now hectic in the mans workplace. Now he has to do more than just go to work at his job. There is now yard work, house work like painting and remodeling, cleaning out the shed, stuff like that. Perfect time for lifetime tv to put on the man bashing stories. This is the message they want to send now because the man is more stressed out and it don’t take much to get him ticked off. Therefore when the man gets sick and tired of her fussing, he then wants a divorce so he doesn’t have to listen to it any more.

      Yea, mentos may be the fresh maker, but lifetime tv is the divorce maker. Just look at the increase of the divorce rate
      since the time lifetime started showing on tv, and then look at it before lifetime. I do not know the numbers but I know there is a big difference. I hope this helps and I hope someone else sees this issue. Lifetime is sinful and immoral. I wish they would cancel it all together. God bless.

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