Why is it even women from a divorce background meeting a guy from a divorce background want marriage ?

Those women have seen what divorce was like for their father, the boyfriend told her probably what the divorce was like for his father, you would think those women would be like, I love you I do not want to risk something like that happening to you, lets just cohabit.
But nooo!

Oftentimes they even resort to blackmail (no sex, marriage or I leave) to get that ring on their hand. Why is that ?

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    9 Responses to Why is it even women from a divorce background meeting a guy from a divorce background want marriage ?

    1. fior.di.pesco20e lode says:

      because of "that’s the right time" law.

      or, in many cases beacause of an incredible incapability to look back in their past and in their lifes.

      the man: "no need to think, she’s beautiful"
      the woman: "no need to think, he has the money"

    2. WSIDR III says:

      They want security.

    3. White Hare says:

      This is an amazing phenomenon for me to understand too,

      I for one, If I were to get divorced (god forbid), I’d NEVER marry again. No way.
      Would I be lonely? perhaps, but that’s what one night stands are for, then it’s Get the F out of my house! lol…j/k sort of.

      Anyway, I think the reasons range from:

      social status : Married people are seen as validated, respectable–if you don’t believe me, there are corporate standards people at the top who say these things.

      religion: These people marry often because it is a stigma they are not married and it is assumed they are having sex out of wedlock if they remain single–especially if they are young(er).

      money/security: These people range from people who just don’t want to be alone as they grow older all the way to
      wanting to latch on to a man who has a big financial portfolio so they can live the high life and then steal the man’s inheritance from his children from his previous marriage(s) when he dies.
      (this is a common story, the older rich man marries the younger trophy wife and she gets all his money,
      he doesn’t even have to be "rich", it still happens, the law is on the side of the last spouse–he/she gets almost everything and the kids get nothing, this is why prenuptual agreements are so important).

    4. dark eyes says:

      You couldn’t pay me to get married again.

      However, people need to experience life on their own. You can’t live your life vicariously through someone else’s experiences.

    5. RobbieJ says:

      Cassius- you are generalizing and putting all women in one category. After my divorce the dead last thing i wanted was marriage. I dumped 2 bfs. cause they wouldnt stop harping on getting married. My husband I am married to now asked for 2 solid years before I would marry him. The only reason I didnt dump him was that I loved him so strongly (he wasnt pressuring me, he just asked occasionally,) even though I wasnt willing to marry him. All women are not after marriage. I didnt blackmail my ex husband into marrying me, he asked. All women are not the same, just like all men are not the same. If you are in a relationship where someone is pressuring you to marry, I think that is an unhealthy relationship and maybe it is time to examine her motives. Is she already preggers by someone else and trying to hide it by getting you to marry her? That happened to someone I know. Is she hiding her true self until you marry her and is afraid that it will show if it takes to long to get down the aisle? Try to talk to her about what the rush is. If you cannot get a straight answer and things dont change it may be time to move on.

    6. Liz says:

      People who have been married before are more likely to marry than people who have never married

    7. Louise C says:

      "THe triumph of optimism over experience" – Dr. Johnson

    8. The Lorax says:

      Look how many people fall into misfortune after winning the lottery.

      Doesn’t mean I dont want to win the lottery.

    9. Molly B says:

      Maybe they have different expectations and envision a different outcome for their relationship. Maybe having parents who divorced has helped them understand the importance of a good marriage and has increased their desire for one. Maybe she simply loves the man and knows that she won’t do to him what his/her family did.

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