Whose Line: Divorce Irish Drinking Song

Believe it or not, this is first one ever played but not the first one aired, notice the slower tempo. Enjoy!

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    25 Responses to Whose Line: Divorce Irish Drinking Song

    1. redreaper2020 says:

      @twilight11263 that’s not a bad thing. Means he doesn’t have to deal with the old lady anymore! no more “I want money to go shopping” or “why don’t you ever talk to me anymore”, just beer and football, the good life!
      Course now he’s gotta get his own beer. 🙁 Put cooler next to chair.

    2. twilight11263 says:

      @redreaper2020 i take it you’re against marriage?

    3. redreaper2020 says:

      @twilight11263 what gave it away?

    4. ChrisHarrell543 says:

      “And I’d never have to, invite that mo- a nevermind” LOL
      Oh, Ryan.

    5. elfirrepins says:

      @ralfieralf With a game like Irish Drinking Song, randomness is the best way to play it.

    6. ScatmanKirby says:

      I could tell this one was the first one, kinda cool really.

    7. XavyTuber826 says:

      Is it just me or does Ryan use the line ‘ I’ve got to get a job now’ or ‘I have a good job now’ often on IDS?

    8. CanadaMuthafukka says:

      lol i would have yelled “Kicked out of AA!” Good reason to drink.

    9. rofflemows2 says:

      @redreaper2020 you’ll be singing a different tune when you’re dying of cancer alone in a nursing home with some disinterested Filipino nurse jabbing you with needles and tapping her foot waiting for you to die so she can get off work 30 minutes early that night…but hey, you’ll always have Youtube and organized sports to keep you company in your old age 😉

    10. BonesxtoxPaste says:

      @XavyTuber826 I’ve noticed that too. That and he usually changes back or into something else.

    11. XavyTuber826 says:

      @BonesxtoxPaste I don’t get it. How does Ryan change? Did I miss something?

    12. BonesxtoxPaste says:

      @XavyTuber826 He changes into a parrot, baby and once I think a woman. Not too sure but..

    13. XavyTuber826 says:

      @BonesxtoxPaste I think that perhaps you’re getting confused with a different game besides IDS.

    14. Cazz814 says:

      Colin’s first hilarious end line.

    15. p14zm40nu says:

      wayne’s face when Ryan stole his line is so funny!

    16. sonicsmashers31 says:

      Couldn’t have this show without Collin and Ryan fucking love their shit

    17. baronessdouglass says:

      Is it me or is this one in a different key and slower?

    18. hockeynewfoundland says:

      @baronessdouglass Read the description

    19. bmsmith1991 says:

      This ending credits used to be funny but isn’t anymore.

    20. 96gummyworms says:

      I love how incredibly random Colin is!

    21. ittems says:

      0:07 whats the first? o.O

    22. Janeil88 says:

      @ralfieralf and also sometimes it carries throughout the show.. like the meow…

    23. Coen68 says:

      Not only is the tempo slower, it’s in a different key.

    24. queenbkeisha says:

      ryan…. u cant just take oher ppl’s lines….. drew will saw ur ass in half!!!

    25. bruizer1100 says:

      waynes beer glass dance is the best

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