Who can opt for Public Divorce Records?

According to the statistics available with the US records, nearly 40% of the marriages that take place there end in Divorces. This is a very figure and hence it is very important that you have knowledge about the Public Divorce Records. This is very important as many of people tend to hide their past and do not reveal their past relationships to the present partner. Earlier it was very difficult to find about the past marriages of the partner, but now with the advent of the Internet, it is easier to access all the records of the person.

But you may ask as to why be it very necessary to know all these things. It is necessary to know all the past marriages, and divorces so that you do not fall into any trap and are not mislead by any unscrupulous person. You may never know if the person you are marrying may be a married person, having married in some other state, or may have been a fugitive.

The Government has enacted an act known as the “Freedom of Information Act”, where by all the divorce records have to be made public by the respective state offices who handle them. You can conduct a search through the websites of the Government Agencies. You can also take help of the private online companies who specialize in searching for and retrieving the details from the public records.

The Public Divorce Records contain lot of information. It includes lot of personal information of the people such as the details of the divorce like the location and the date, the alimony, filing number, custody of the child, division of the assets that has taken place and the other such details. If you give a separate request, then you can even get the certified copy of the Divorce Certificates.

When you want Public Divorce Records, always remember that there are some variations amongst the different states regarding the laws that govern the divorce records. Some of the states have liberal laws regarding the divorce records while the other states are very strict. Many states also maintain a central repertory, where they keep a record of all the divorces that take place in their jurisdiction.

The Public Divorce Records are free where the records are concerned, but then there are nominal fees that have to be paid for the search service and the other administrative overheads. One should also be ready to wait and complete all the different procedures that are required. But if you are short of time, then you can take the help of the private commercial online sites, who specialize in the retrieval of the records.

But remember that the divorce records are private and personal. Even if you are using the Public Divorce Records for the retrieval of the records, you should be able to respect the ethics that are associated with the use of the records, whether it is regarding checking on your prospective spouse or researching on Genealogy or even for supporting any legal proceedings. Also the source of your information should be credible and of high standard.

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