Which Parent Do I Choose? Divorce Advice by Honest 2 Bucks (Halo Reach Pro Gameplay Strongside)

CLICK HERE to sub to CodOps247! www.youtube.com Which Parent Do I Chose? Divorce Advice by Honest 2 Bucks (Halo Reach Pro Gameplay Strongside) Betrayal Guy www.youtube.com To submit your own story: Send me a youtube message. You MUST include an AIM or Skype address so I can follow up with you. It has to be a dilemma you have at the present, or a story of the past. It cannot be “I want to ask a girl out but I’m too shy”, it has to be more unique and interesting than that. If you show me pictures of the people involved, your story has a better chance of making it. Make sure to include this information about EVERYONE in your story: Age Description of appearance (attractiveness, height, weight, facial features, bootay) Intelligence (Grades, etc.) Athleticism (sports played) Level of Douchebag/Bitch/ or Niceness Give me first names of everybody involved. For your plot, you have to tell me as much as possible. Remember, I am making a 5-8 minute video for this, so a 3 sentence description of what happened won’t give me enough to talk about. Call recorded by: www.youtube.com

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    25 Responses to Which Parent Do I Choose? Divorce Advice by Honest 2 Bucks (Halo Reach Pro Gameplay Strongside)

    1. IIMungemII says:

      He’s fucking joking if he said he sees his sisters friends naked

    2. LegendKill100 says:

      have you seen ijustine? woot

    3. MrOmegabob says:

      give 2 bucks his sniper back!

    4. 1mn0tnub15h says:

      WOW TwoBucks! how can you suggest ditching school, you are asian?

    5. PH4YL3 says:

      @MrOmegabob dude he said to do that to machinima channel

    6. xavierbracamonte94 says:

      haha whats his sister name? lol this foes mom is a slut dam and his sister and friends better be fine supposly

    7. Zlonkzness says:

      You tell the kid to ditch school??? Wow!?

    8. Jonathansernel1 says:

      Lmao i like the beginning i always act like that when a hot chick on youtube responds to my comment .

    9. theGguy1 says:

      yay new jersey

    10. Silna331 says:

      I wish 2 bucks was my brother

    11. woreer9 says:

      hey 2bucks im 13 and i sound like im 18

    12. jampants1 says:

      stupid black ops turned 2 bucks against us >:(

    13. Asianinvasion1337 says:

      My advice to Betrayal Guy is 1. Don’t listen to the duchbag posing as 2Bucks 2. talk to both your parents 3. game less exercise more this may not help but atleast im not trying to convert you to machinima respon (p.s im 13 too)

    14. luckydog8816 says:

      U r an A** Sucicide backup HAHAHAHAHAH

    15. FrozenEyedGuy says:

      @Asianinvasion1337 He’s not 13, he’s 15.

    16. cc3698 says:

      soooooooooo fake!

    17. indian838 says:

      lmao! “wooo wooo wait wait!!!”

    18. asianINVasianz says:

      i want some pictures…

    19. BallisticKniferr says:

      how olds twobucks?

    20. FearLegitimatEbF says:

      @BallisticKniferr 17 i think

    21. 4DiscoStu says:

      @Gameplays247 YOU OWN GAMEPLAYS247 and CoDOPS247 and AMAZINGFILMS247???

    22. ThomasC3075 says:

      i want to bang her friends NOW

    23. MrMagickoala says:

      Lol, you have no soul.

    24. DefoliantProjector says:

      wait…why did he scream really loud at the end?

    25. pimpjak says:

      hey fuk u i want pictures

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