Where in the Constitution does it say because Obama wills the House to vote a certain way they must do that?

Trust me if there was a way Obama could bypass the Constitution he would but for a bill to become a law it must pass BOTH the Senate AND THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES.

If you don’t like vote in 2012 but until the new House is seated int January 2013 you can do nothing whine.

Obama is powerless over the House of Representatives.

Sore Loser would be you considering you don’t control the House anymore.

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    10 Responses to Where in the Constitution does it say because Obama wills the House to vote a certain way they must do that?

    1. Curt J says:

      That’s in the parts only Liberals can manage to read…The "Unwritten or implied portion".

    2. Guss says:

      Trust me, its right there under the bit where it calls you a sore loser

    3. Merry Christmas! says:

      He hasn’t read it.

    4. Ding fries are done. says:

      it doesn’t.

      in fact it’s obamas job to execute what congress passes, not tell then what to pass.

    5. Wounded Duck says:

      No where. Nor has there ever been an assertion it is. But thanks for your opinion that no one asked for.

    6. George B says:

      Obama doesn’t care what the Constitution says. It says the President must prepare a budget and send it to Congress for their approval every year. He has yet to submit a budget since he has been in office. Any way you cut it that is ignoring and trashing our Constitution.

    7. obama says:

      Obama hates the Constitution and the Conservative Supreme Court that enforces it

    8. Hector Frodo says:

      The obstructionist policies of the GOP will help re-elect Obama. Most Americans understand republicans want Obama out more than they want America to succeed.

    9. Bill says:

      must be the same place in the constitution that allows him to invade all of these country’s without the consent of congress and the people. Bush was a tyrant but at least he asked.

    10. Bluemax lll says:

      the President proposes and the House disposes

      that is the way it goes in Congress

      the President proposed the extension, it is up to Congress to either do it, or not do it

      the President reminded House Republicans of their duty to Americans, and the Will of the People, and the House is supposed to do the ‘will of the people’-right?

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