Where can i find cheap, pretty and on-trend jewellery, 'samantha wills' style?

I love samantha wills jewellery, but as a student its too expensive! does anyone know where i can find any imitation or similar jewellery that’s cute, trendy and not too expensive?!

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    4 Responses to Where can i find cheap, pretty and on-trend jewellery, 'samantha wills' style?

    1. Zeda Glam says:

      try http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=glamsilver&ftab=AllFeedback and their webiste glamsilver.com
      they have some nice stuff, it’s also sterling silver, not that crappy stuff they have at the cheap stores..
      you can always take one of those pendants and put them on a long black leather cord or a long silver chain..i have a few things like that..and it looks nicer because it’s silver not those bad metals that will turn your fingers green..

    2. Pixie says:

      Argos/Topshop/H&M/M Butterfly.

    3. valerie says:

      Try google search for imitation and trendy jewelry.

    4. Trade Guy says:

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