What's the least expensive way to file divorce in California?

Were were going to file in Missouri where she lives, filled out the 70 page form, and then found out they won’t bifurcate because the kids live with me in Calif.

So now we need to rapidly convert the docs to Calif and file a friendly divorce.

Can anyone recommend the least expensive but legally binding approach?

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    2 Responses to What's the least expensive way to file divorce in California?

    1. Willa says:

      You can file yourselves. Since you have children, you need to file a custody agreement and a visitation agreement. Fill out the financial worksheets. The court will determine child support. You cannot refuse to accept child support on behalf of the children. If there are assets to divide, then file an agreement on those as well. The CA court will accept your agreements if they are fair and reasonable.

    2. Benny says:

      The least expensive way to file divorce, and this applies to every state as well, is to file online, which costs no more than $300US. Also, since your divorce will be uncontested (friendly in other words), the process would be much faster and more efficient in an online divorce because the paperwork and division of property will already have been settled.

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