what should i get from jack wills ?

my dad said i could choose something from jack wills for getting a good report =]
i love so much of their stuff , i just dont no what to choose ? what do you think i should get ?
oh , and can anyone describe to me what the perfume smells like ? or anything it is similar too ?

thanks !

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    2 Responses to what should i get from jack wills ?

    1. Abbie :D says:

      I Personally love …

      Claughton Dress.
      Clarencefirld boyfriend fit shirt.
      Plover skirt
      Dalingworth t-shirt dress.
      Delaney shirt
      Hollingworth blazer (olive tweed)
      and any of the bags are nice,
      oh and the JW duvet cover- I LOVE THAT, and I LOVE JACK WILLS
      if you dont have the handbook, look these up on the website.
      hope this helps. 😀

    2. Ed J says:

      Pick something in style and right for the season..

      This website should give you some up to date, trends, fashion news, etc. http://www.fashionperfect.co.uk

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