What is your opinion if a divorced father divulges to the children that the divorce makes them bastards?

Let’s say that there is a married couple who has teenage children, and the wife/mother files for divorce from the husband/father. Then, either while the divorce is occurring or after it has completed, the husband/father divulges to the children that since the mother has broken the marriage, that causes the children to be considered bastards.

What is your opinion of this being told to the children? Is it truth or not truth? And should it be divulged at all?

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    5 Responses to What is your opinion if a divorced father divulges to the children that the divorce makes them bastards?

    1. Stephanie says:

      The only way I can see this happening is if the father was actually the step-father, and the mother was unmarried to the real father at their birth. A bastard is a child born to unmarried parents, although if the parents later marry, his legal status is recognized as equal to that of a natural child. If the children were not bastards at birth then a divorce certainly does not make them so. And the same is true if he is the natural father and they married after the births, they will not be bastards. If they have a different father, making this man their stepfather,then they were bastards at birth, while mom and step-dad were married and now that they are divorced. The truth about their natural parents and their legal status should always be told to children. If they have a different father then it is the mother’s fault for not being upfront about this sooner

    2. Saya says:

      I think the father is an over-religious nutjob

    3. Liz says:

      First of all, it’s not true because the children were still born while their parents were married, they were not born out of wedlock. And secondly, the only response I would have for a "father" like that would be: "Saying something like that to your own flesh and blood makes YOU a bastard, and I can understand why mom has no further use for your crap".

    4. iyamacog says:

      It’s an untruth. Nor is the subject a matter of discussion. Sorry to say, husband/father is a very poor example of a husband/father. Any wonder wife/mother has filed for a divorce……♥♥

    5. La Vie Boheme says:

      A divorce does not make them "bastards". A child born out of wedlock is the definition of bastard. The parents in this case were married when the children were born so they never have been or could ever be "bastards". A man who would tell his children that they are bastards is totally unacceptable…especially if it’s not true.

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