What is your opinion if a divorced father divulges to the children that the divorce makes them bastards?

Let’s say that there is a married couple who has teenage children, and the wife/mother files for divorce from the husband/father. Then, either while the divorce is occurring or after it has completed, the husband/father divulges to the children that since the mother has broken the marriage, that causes the children to be considered bastards.

What is your opinion of this being told to the children? Is it truth or not truth? And should it be divulged at all?

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    5 Responses to What is your opinion if a divorced father divulges to the children that the divorce makes them bastards?

    1. Keith says:

      I was always under the impression that the term "bastard" was referring to a child who had no father in their life. a divorce does not make children bastards. not that its appropriate, but maybe he was just trying to make light of a shitty situation.

    2. James Ford says:

      As long as the children were born from the marriage, then they are not bastards at all. Divorce does not implicate that either.
      The father is a complete @ss who could stand to learn a thing or two.

    3. Chanelle says:

      No! They aren’t fatherless just because of a divorce.. so technically they aren’t bastard children unless you give up your responsibility as a dad.

    4. DR + Mrs Bears face says:

      From where does this stupid idea come from i wonder.
      sounds like some nasty persons brain. who is very spiteful. and bitter.
      this man has issues and no wonder the wife filed for divorce, having lived with someone who entertains such thoughts.
      bastards are those born out of wedlock not those born in wedlock then the parents become divorced.

    5. Eli.K says:

      Bastard is a child born to unmarried parents. The father is ignorant for not knowing the meaning, and cruel and abusive for saying these words to his own children.

      Just from this information I can understand why this marriage didn’t work. Be kind to your mom, she must have put up with a lot. If your dad says any negative thing to you don’t believe it. Find the truth elsewhere.

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