What is this battle of wills going on between Catholics and fundamentalist Christians?

I don’t think I’ve seen a single day go by where a fundamentalist insists that Catholics worship Mary and Catholics respond that they don’t.

I don’t know about you, but when someone tells me something about the religion they follow, I believe them. So why are the fundamentalists being so hard headed about this? I just spent some time on catholic.com reading about it, and they DON’T worship Mary. It would be a sin to do so.

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    13 Responses to What is this battle of wills going on between Catholics and fundamentalist Christians?

    1. Buddy_Lee_Hombre_de_accion says:

      R&S drives me crazy! I was just watching a show the other day about fundamental Christianity and Catholicism was considered to be the most popular fundamental Christian church. The meaning of fundamental changes often on this section and in the media.

      Catholicism follows the fundamentals of Christianity. Hence, it’s fundamental. Westboro is NOT fundamental, but some media outlets and people on here make that mistake.

    2. Kevin S says:

      Pretty telling, isn’t it?

      Fundamentalists aren’t interested in finding out what a person believes. They are interested in TELLING people. Even when they don’t know themselves.

    3. XMAN says:

      There’s might be a disagreement, but the "battle" is only on Y!A

    4. Dr. Arroganto says:

      As a former Catholic, I have to say that Catholics don’t tend to dwell on other religions. I never once heard that any other religion was a sin and have often heard that everyone, regardless of belief are our brothers and sisters.

      I am an atheist now, but what I have seen not only on YA but in real life is that some fundamentalist Christians attack Catholics though unprovoked. Catholics only defend their faith.

    5. romans 8:1 says:

      Please define fundamentalist because I am a Christian. If the Catholics pray to Mary, and they do, then this is worship. If they claim Mary is a Savior, and they do, then this is worship. If they don’t know what worship is then, hmmmmm I can understand their denial.

    6. No Chance Without Dentures says:

      Ditto to what Dr. Arroganto said. I was raised Catholic too and we were never taught other Christians were false, deceived, whatever. I never worshipped Mary or the pope either, how about that huh?

      to the guy above me: Please, please, please stop embarrassing yourself. Firstly prayer isn’t worship, secondly Catholics ask Mary to pray for them.

    7. BalanceDragon says:

      They consider praying to Mary or any of the Saints as a form of worship, -which in the bible it IS defined as worship. A lot of catholic churches have an image of Mary and a place people can put candles or offerings. This would also be called worship. Personally I could care less what either of them do. Sooner or later I will find a way to block them all so I don’t have to read their bickering questions or rants. I am tired of all these self-important people.

    8. Neat Guy says:

      My protestant children are just jealous that I have not made them part of my catholic body.
      Hears a blessing and a our father prayed just for you.
      Pray the holy rosary for world peace and for all gods children to pray the holy rosary.
      Explore and discover the gifts of apparitions that my father has sent as well as his Pieta Prayer book for your spiritual guidance,enjoyment and enrichment.for great are the heavenly treasures within those gifts.

      We love you all.

    9. Fundie Bane says:

      Call me crazy, but I thought worship was when you gave praise and thanks to your creator and the one who gives you salvation. Is there a Catholic alive who asks Mary or the pope or a statue for salvation? Isn’t this just simple common sense? I mean what the hell is a statue – it’s a reminder and a decoration, is there really anyone out there stupid enough to think a Catholic is going to ask a PIECE OF ROCK to grant them salvation? How out to lunch are fundies on this point?

    10. Donny says:

      Jimmy Carter said it best in the following quote…

      "The fundamentalists believe they have a unique relationship with God, and that they and their ideas are God’s ideas and God’s premises on the particular issue. Therefore, by definition since they are speaking for God anyone who disagrees with them is inherently wrong." — Former US President Jimmy Carter

    11. John S says:

      PEBCAK is right — that’s the problem.

      As a Catholic — we defend our faith, 99% of the time. There are a few, maybe one or two Catholics here on R&S which try to use the same questions that Protestants ask us, but reverse them.. in the hopes that these anti-Catholics will think a little more deeply about what they say and spread about Catholicism.
      Stuff like: Where do you think you got the bible from?, etc.

      But by and large, Catholics defend and explain our faith.

      And I don’t think it is a "battle of wills" — because from my perspective, there is no battle. The War in my eyes has been won.

      Of the 2 billion Christians in the world… 1.2 or roughly 60% are Catholic – so we are the majority.
      Of the remaining 800 million — they are splintered up into tens of thousands, perhaps more, of denominations who argue amongst themselves.
      The Catholic church is the world’s largest provider of Health Care, Education and Relief Aid – period.
      The Catholic church is the oldest organized institution in continuous operation (the key is how those terms are defined) and is over 2,000 years old.
      Recently, groups of Traditional Anglicans have petitioned the Pope to be allowed to rejoin the Catholic faith. – Partially healing a 400 year rift.
      The Catholic faith is seeing an increase in the number of converts in Africa, meaning that while many Protestant faiths are seeing their numbers drop – Catholicism is still increasing or at least keeping up with losses in other countries.

      So no offense to my Protestant Brethren, of which my Wife is Baptist — but on nearly all fronts, I don’t see a battle heating up.. I see it simmering down and the Catholic church is still standing.

    12. Aleria says:

      Because if we don’t, then there might be other things that they claim we do when we don’t and that means we might be right and for many Protestant religions, that is the worst possible thing ever. So it’s easier to keep believing the lies than to dig deeper and possibly convert to Catholicism.

      Thank you for researching this (on a Catholic site too) and speaking the truth. We appreciate it.

    13. Susanna LIVES says:

      I’m not here to debate or battle, I am here to Share the Truth, found ONLY IN God’s Holy Living Word, the Holy Scriptures:-) attempting only to place Truth in place of grave error(s) Dear, nothing more, nothing less. if it only be "one" who will "see", I have done well for our Lord 🙂
      satan’s grandiose design for the final deception was to lead everyone to transgress against the authority of heaven, even the religious world. Obviously, some scheme would have to be devised which would make Christians comfortable in their transgression, which could be promulgated in the name of Christ, and which would operate across all the boundaries of denomination and creed. Somehow, the plan would have to destroy the traditional view of the Bible as the final authority in matters of faith, and establish some other authority which would still retain a respectable Christian image. In order to encompass all churches and faiths, the program would have to be outside of any doctrine, prophetic interpretation, or standards of living, since these would produce only division and disagreement.
      To achieve success, then, in his fantastic goal of harnessing the Christian world in disobedience to God’s laws, Satan had to meet four elementary requirements:

      1. Make Christians feel secure in breaking the law.
      2. Lead them to distrust the Word of God as the acid test of truth.
      3. Establish another test besides the Word that would appear genuine and appealing.
      4. Leave out all doctrine, prophetic interpretations, and Christian standards that would prove divisive.

      It is not hard to see that all these elements would have to be incorporated into any vast trickery to unite Christians in disobeying the Ten Commandments.

      and it’s not at all hard to see that many dismiss God’s Word in favor for "man’s" traditions and rituals, all which have NO Biblical support nor basis, hence, serving NO purpose for the ones sincerely seeking God and Relationship. God Bless

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