What is the proper way to make a Personal Injury claim?

My wife was rear-ended at a stop light. Our company paid for the auto to be repaired and said they will subrogate against the others insurance carrier. It has been three weeks now and we haven’t heard anything from that insurance company. They (the others ins.co.) do have a copy of the accident report. I believe there is no question of liability because the other driver was arrested for DUI at the scene of the accident.
My wife has had several doctors appointments and has been in pain since the accident. Should we call the ins. co. to make a claim? Or should we get an attorney to do that? Or should we just wait and keep good track of our medical bills that we expect them to pay? I understand we have a 3 yr. limit in Washington State to file a suit against the other driver.

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  1. rhsaunders says:

    Contact the other driver’s insurance company, and describe the situation. (The bodily injury claim will be treated separately from the property damage claim.) The company will probably send out an adjuster to negotiate with you over the size of the claim. If they don’t offer something which you consider reasonable, you can sue; expect to pay a third of a settlement to the lawyer. Keep your own insurance company apprised of what is going on. Presumably your insurer paid (or is paying) the cost of repairs, beyond the deductible; when they collect on subrogation, you will get the deductible back.

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