What is the Marriage and Divorce Rate among Military personnel today?

I’m doing an article on Marriage and Divorce rates of young people in the military, but can’t seem to find any information or stats that are more recent than 2008. Can anyone help with maybe links or anything?

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    1. KellyColor says:

      About 5% for the army, 32% for the marines, Navy 4%, Air Force 3%. Overall the divorce rate within the armed forces is about 4%.

    2. Berzirk says:

      Sorry, I would be able to help more if I had all of my household goods. When you google, you aren’t going to find the right answer. I’m retired but there are status that are kept, being a outside and a nobody since retiring it’s hard for me to help you.

      If you are on a Military installation, start with the Library.

      Hope this help.

    3. Gavin says:

      There is about a 3-3.5 percent divorce rate overall in the military.


    4. Paraiba Blue says:

      This November 2010 article gives the military divorce rates for 2010…………

      This is the orginal article that provided the click-on for the article above…………

      Just incase it interests you, this recent news story is dated 12 April 2011…………..

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