What is the cheapest easiest way to get a divorce in Arkansas?

My husband and I are separating and we are looking for the easiest way and CHEAPEST way to get a divorce. We are legally separated at moment and only been married for a year. We can not get along anymore and just want to end this. Help please?

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    4 Responses to What is the cheapest easiest way to get a divorce in Arkansas?

    1. Ohh Righttt says:

      Buy a gun.. You should be able to unravel the rest of what you should do.

    2. Timz Silver Hammer says:

      You have a baby, what happens to the kid? Be sure you’ve exhausted all avenues before making calls to Town Hall or Attorneys.

    3. jdrumming says:

      You can file yourselves but one of you will have to appear in court. ALSO, in Arkansas you must have "acceptable" grounds. The only way around it is to be separated for at least 18 months. So it will be MUCH easier to get one if you wait until then. After that, the judge will waive any required grounds. You guys will need to get ONE attorney to draw up the papers. If a child was not involved it wouldn’t be necessary but you will need him to set the child support and draw up the visitation schedules. Just tell him YOU will file it yourselves at the courthouse. This will save you money. He shouldn’t charge much if you guys have already agreed on all the details before you see him.

    4. amy says:

      I would try separation and working out your differences during that time before considering divorce..you’ve only been married a year,marriage is tough whoever told you it would be easy was a liar..its something you need to work at, remember what made you love him in the first place and ask yourself if its a love worth fighting for..if theres even a part of you that doesn’t want to give up check out the book love dare,its saved alot of marriages on the brink of divorce.

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