What is the best way to serve divorce papers?

My cousin filled for divorce and is having problems serving her ex with divorce papers. She is doing it herself to save on money (single mom of 3) . He will not accept the papers. Does anyone know of a good way to serve him the papers without using a court appointed person to do it? He cant hide forever and she only has 4 days to gett hem to him. Thanks.

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8 Responses to What is the best way to serve divorce papers?

  1. Arthur W says:

    Then you notify the courts and tell them hes refusing to be served, which then either a process server or the Sheriffs dept will try, or you write an ad in your local paper stating the action and dates and time of court and proceed as a one signature divorce which is quite common. It may take a little longer this way but if he still doesnt showup to court at the assigned date and time, the Judge will grant you the divorce and everything you asked for and he will never have a say so in the divorce ever. Some guys think by hiding they cant get divorced but the states and the courts have designed ways to get around this and the divorces go thru. Sorry and good luck

  2. Tryna-Hyde says:

    tell her to put the envelope in a bigger, brown envelope with no return address on it and mail it to him certified mail. he’ll have to sign for it to even accept the package. if he doesn’t sign, at least she’ll have proof of her attempt.

  3. ☆Someone Else☆ says:

    Mail them to him certified mail.

  4. Misty D says:

    If she’s close 2 a member of his family, she could have them serve them 2 him. Othewise she’s going 2 have 2 get a constable 2 serve the papers.

  5. fallenfairy says:

    DUCT tape the papers on his car windshield (put the papers in a folder of course so as not to ruin the papers). of she will have to get a court official to do it for her if he keeps avoiding her. or have a friend or coworker serve the papers

  6. Mean Carleen says:

    She MUST get a sheriff or professional server to serve the guy. I paid $90 to have my ex rat bastard served and at the time I lived in CT and he was in CA.. You must have the sheriff serve him as proof that he knows you filed for divorce.

    *Sheriffs/Servers know how to handle the hard to serve ones*

  7. Bob says:

    Certified mail is what my attorney had me do!

  8. div2wice says:

    From what I remember, the spouse is not allowed to serve the papers, it will make them null & void. Maybe it depends on the state, but that’s how it was in CA when I filed.

    You can have ANYONE serve the papers. You can pay a server, or have a family member serve them (my father served mine). Its best to make sure they’re served in front of a group of people, just in case he tries to play stupid saying he never rec’d them.

    If he’s being a pain, it sounds like he is, and with the time constraints its best for her to hire a process server (I think that’s what they’re called) They are SNEAKY. They dress in civilian clothing and pretend to be someone delivering flowers, looking for directions, etc. That’s the best way to do it for her situation.

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