What is Divorce Mediation

www.peace-talks.com Peace Talks Founder Diana Mercer, Esq. discusses divorce mediation and its benefits.

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16 Responses to What is Divorce Mediation

  1. gerald2240 says:

    Great video about how to make what has become a national epidemic something that benefits the family, not than just attorneys.

  2. tradergoatee says:

    Very Helpful, Thanks

  3. SNMPkris says:

    I hope I never have to experience divorce, but if I did, I’d explore the mediation route as I have heard it can help ease the ungliness that can occur in divorce. Great, informative video!

  4. StrategyCoach says:

    Great information and a much needed service!

  5. consultants2go says:

    It’s great to know that there is a choice and should be helpful by having a third neutral party to facilitate.

  6. handsongourmet says:

    This is so useful! Speaking from the perspective of a sibling of a divorced parent… It seems mediation is critical when children are involved so parent’s can have open lines of communication about the children and how to parent them. I almost think it’s required. Now how to enforce it?

  7. rms8834 says:

    Good information on what sounds like a great alternative to a two attorney court battle.

  8. CollaborativeAction says:

    Not only is the information very useful, it is comforting to see (ahead of time) what working with a “peace talk” person might be like.

  9. mrgrymllr says:

    This is a very informative video and I hope it helps people realize how many options they have about divorce. Well done!

  10. heykel76 says:

    What an awesome layman’s explanation of a mediator’s role. As an attorney involved in highly-contested cases, I highly recommend a mediation service such as Peace Talks.

    There are FEW, if any, cases which need to go to court. You always do better when you settle out of court.

  11. julielegrand08 says:

    Super – definitely something to share with friends who are going through this.

  12. ellenfriedland says:

    Jam-packed with useful information that is presented as an aid to someone seeking to learn more about mediation rather than as a sales tool. The speaker seems ultra-knowledgeable and very caring — the kind of person I’d like to sit down with if I were in need of her services. And the presentation looks professional, reflecting legitimacy.

  13. KatieJWennechuk says:

    Fantastic. Mediation could completely revolutionize the way we divorce in this country. Terrific video.

  14. Indy4520 says:

    Diana does a great job of answering the questions most people have going into mediaton and the presentation is calm and reasoned – a good resource for mediators!

  15. MsDianew says:

    The presentation was great ,and very informative.Mediatrion is the best aproch to resolving family issues.

  16. CxzdseBvgft says:

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