What if i served my husband with divorce papers, but he calls me everyday to see how i am doing?

because i am 9 months pregnant, for 4 months that were seperated he never bothered and all of a sudden he started to call me and care for the child. i do talk to him for 2 weeks already because i am using him for him to buy everything for the baby……but can that screw up with my divorce case by us keeping in contact?

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7 Responses to What if i served my husband with divorce papers, but he calls me everyday to see how i am doing?

  1. shy2008 says:

    I wouldn’t worry about it. I think it will help to be on good terms once the two of you become parents. You can still get a divorce even though you can get along. Sometimes being apart makes any relationship better. Maybe good friends is what you’re meant to be.

  2. Crazzeee X says:

    No You need to have a good relationship for the sake of the child

  3. sweetgranny06 says:

    he will have contact anyway long as he pays his child support they will grant him visitation rights to see the baby if its his

  4. Jan says:

    It won’t screw up your chances of a divorce. A divorce is a decision to no longer live together in the eyes of the law as husband and wife but that does not change the fact that he is the father of your child.

    In fact, he seems to be genuinely caring for you and your unborn child. Fortunate you. 🙂

  5. tony_le12 says:

    Yes and no. when a divorced case go to court, no one know how far the case will go, or how long would it take. On top of attorney from both parties may give each one of you idea to make thing more complicate it more. Also no Judge will jump right into conclusion to give you divorced right the way. On top of it, during the processing either party can make more complication to the case.
    Well, the child that you are carrying is his child too. I am a dad also. What every differences we men want to put on the site, and try to concentrating on the child i who is going to be born into this world.

    This is what i see, when you married, you married for life. the vow that to make in church it does linger for life, and specially when a child involved. Later on in life, every time something the child need paper work will go back as far. Or every time you buy a house or take a loan question will go back as far. I can see couple divorced because they can not live together but being a bitch as each other will make life more difficult, and make it difficult to the child too

  6. kathyw says:

    Maybe he just realized that he cares about being a father. You can have an amicable divorce – it is not only possible but, if you are determined to divorce him, you should want that.
    You have to have a lawyer to be divorcing your husband – there is just no way to go into a divorce without legal representation and so, I have to ask, where is your lawyer? You should be asking him these questions along with very important questions about custody and child support!
    It sounds like you are determined to go ahead with this divorce. But if your husband is concerned about you and the child you two have together (he will always be in this child’s life – and he should be because a child needs a father, his father, not just any guy), you could ask him if he’s willing to work on making the marriage successful. A marriage counselor is lots less expensive than all the legal bills ahead of you..

  7. Fergy says:

    Why do you feel the need to "use him"? Don’t you have any morals?
    He would probably buy his baby everything he can afford to anyway.
    You are not a nice person I don’t think.

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