What do Prince Wills and Kate sign when they go into that little room?

Charles and Diana went into some room for about 20 minutes. what do they sign in there?

BQ: Prince Wills didn’t look very happy during the ceremony did he? Was it just nerves?

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    4 Responses to What do Prince Wills and Kate sign when they go into that little room?

    1. Firey says:

      The same papers that everyone else does

      I imagine it takes so long to give them a break from the guests

    2. Dave. says:

      With 800 million ppl watching… I’d probably be a tad nervous as well!

    3. Gabriel Wilson says:

      BQ: He is probably incredibly nervous, as he is becoming the king with a really hot queen and the current and upcoming expectations for when he becomes king:) Hes probably just concentrating on not trying to trip over (lol) as there are an amazing amount of people watching him.

    4. Diane (PFLAG) says:

      They sign the legal paperwork, marriage certificate and such..

      BQ: He looked serious and solemn not unhappy.. He understands his place as a prince and understands exactly what is expected of him… He is experssing the seriousness of his responsibilities through his outward look… He will undoubtedly look much more relaxed on the trip from the abbey and on the balcony of the palace where he isn’t expected to show the seriousness and solemness of the occassion as he is inside the abbey…

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