What can i do about being misrepresented in a divorce case last October 2007?

What can i do about a lawyer miss advising me on my divorce last oct. 2007. I lost a lot of money? I have reported him to the conduct board in our state and nothing happened.

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    1. Zeep says:

      I’m sorry this happened to you. It certainly happened to me, and it is a catch-22 in my opinion.

      If you just report him to the bar (I haven’t bothered), nothing will happen except that he will have the hassle of dealing with a bunch of paperwork. The trouble is, it’s a hassle for me to complain to the bar in any detail – also a lot of paperwork.

      I’ve basically spent $30K or $40K I didn’t have on bad lawyering, and I suppose I could sue for malpractice and hope for damages. But after my experiences with attorneys during and after my divorce, I tend to think I’d probably just wind up spending another bunch of money I no longer have, with a very good chance it would be down the tubes.

      So for me, it’s better to just let it be water under the bridge and move on with my life. If it turns into more serious damages – like if his failure to properly draw up a QDRO and its having taken several years so far to not get my ex half my retirement accounts, and the number in the agreement is now – with the stock market crashing – basically giving my ex ALL my retirement accounts if the court ever gets to it – then I’d reconsider a malpractice suit. But more likely, I’d try to invest in a decent attorney to try and get retirement split fairly.

    2. Garnet Glitter says:

      Nothing happened because you probably don’t have a case….nobody here can say because you supply no details…..sorry.

    3. Ms.Lady Water says:

      how did he misadvise you? are u sure your just not having any regrets about his advise or back then u were eager to divorce and you were not thinking clear??? you had to have signed a settlement agreement if the judge signed the divorce decree. sorry!

    4. blackswan says:

      I would suggest talking to another lawyer. I am dealing with a simular matter. My divorce became final in Oct 2007, but we have not settled the community property to this day. We had court and my lawyer filed his post trial brief on July 31, 2008 and the judge has still not made a ruling.

      The home is community property and it was first stated that we each had 6 months to live in it and then it was to be sold if we could not agree on who would get it. Well, I had the first six months, but after only 4 months the judge, who is friends with my ex’s family, ruled that I had to vacate the home and my ex has been in it every since. I am having to pay rent for a place to stay, plus pay half the house note and insurance. Nothing has been fair and my lawyer doesn’t care……I have sat down with his firm to discuss the over charges on my bill and have not heard back from them in over a month. So far I have been charged over $20,000.00 in attorney fees and have gotten nothing in return.

      I’m sorry for what you are experiencing and fully understand your frustration. I hope you find an answer.

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