What are the signs that parents are going to divorce?

Lately my parents have been fighting more and more often. Before they would only fight about once every three months. Now it has been getting worse. My father is a alcoholic and my mother isn’t. This is what they usually fight about. The alcohol. My mother and father have both started abusing each other physically and emotionally. Me and my others sisters try to help but it’s tiring everyone out. Are they going to divorce? Are there some signs? Can I help stop it?

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    1. KRS says:

      There are more than signs of divorce here. Divorce may be only one of the symptoms of this problem. The problem is the disease of alcoholism and it is a disease that affects everyone in the family. The alcoholic is dependent upon the alcohol and the family are co-dependents. Even though the family is not dependent on the alcohol, they are dependent on the alcoholic to be a complete family unit. That is why they are co-dependents.
      There are a few approaches to this problem. One is an intervention, where the family comes together and confronts the alcoholic (while he is sober) and tells him to accept his problem and get some help. If this doesn’t work, then the family has to be prepared to either have the alcoholic removed from the house or remove themselves from the house the alcoholic is in. This is called tough love and actually forces the alcoholic to come to terms with the damage that his disease is causing. More times than not, the alcoholic has to reach a bottom in his or her life before they decide to make a change. They think the alcohol is the answer to comfort them from the problems in life and don’t understand that it is the alcohol induced attitudes, ideas, and behaviors that are causing the problems to begin with.

    2. Czaroul√ę says:

      it seems like you stated the signs already, it doesnt seem like a healthy marriage and one like that would be better if they were divorced

    3. jagannath_kr says:

      This certainly happens when they act like educated brutes and quarrel 365 days. They die a painful death too. Whether they die or live, they are unfit to live on this earth.
      I was having such senseless parents.

    4. Gopal Agrawal says:

      dono the meaning and value of relation

    5. moviebuff says:

      You have no control on whether you parents divorce or not. It has nothing to do with you, so don’t waste time worrying about it. Save your energy for coping with whatever it is you have to deal with. here are the signs of divorce. When one of your parents actually files divorce papers with the court.

    6. Wilson says:

      Haha it’s over. But it’s your dads fault. He’s the drunko.

    7. Mary says:

      From what you say, your father being an alcoholic has put a strain for everyone. The signs of heading for a divorce could be fighting, yelling, not getting along, not speaking, and so on. The only thing to help your parents is get your dad into Alcoholic Anonymous group, where they could help him get off it.

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