What are the rules about living wills?

I know you can file papers with a lawyer a witness for money, but can’t you just make the statement recorded, like to a lawyer with a trusted friend on the third phone line, out own volition and sound mind?

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    2 Responses to What are the rules about living wills?

    1. Mr Warrior says:

      You can not do it over the phone.

      Because the claim can be made after you died, that you made the will over the phone under duress.
      Such as someone putting a gun to your head, making sure you told the lawyer on the phone that you would leave all your money to them.

      It leaves too much room, for a will being made under duress. It can be contested and most likely awarded to people , you may not necessarily have wanted themoney to go to.

      Its always better in writing, in the solicitors office. That way , witnesses , the solcitor know your not under duress of any kind whatsoever.

    2. car05161967 says:

      It depends on the locale

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