What are some tips to help one cope during a divorce?

You divorce someone you have been married to for 10 years; the person you THOUGHT you would spend the rest of your life with. When you have a kid so you know you still have to still speak to the person and you really don’t want to. How do you go forward from being with someone you care so deeply for and all of a sudden your living separate lives. Obviously, this question is best answered by someone who has went through a divorce. I’m sure its different for the person who wants the divorce but the person who doesn’t want the divorce but has no choice is what I’m seeking some answers to. Thanks.

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    5 Responses to What are some tips to help one cope during a divorce?

    1. Darcy says:

      I was with my ex for 12 yrs when I found out he was having an affair and got her preg. I was devastated, but knew that I could no longer trust him and that I had to move on, so I divorced him.

      You cope by taking one day at a time, putting one foot in front of the other.
      Surround yourself with positive friends and family
      Doing things you enjoy doing.
      Getting out and doing things..even when you don’t "feel" like doing it…make yourself.
      Get a new hobby, join a gym, take a college class, etc…
      NEVER use your child against each other and never talk bad about your ex in front of your child.

      Get into counseling.

      Good Luck

    2. huckleberry says:

      sorry for what you have to be going through. seems like women get the hard raw end of the deal. MEN just go out and get laid.

    3. Poopypuss4 says:

      If it was me…
      Cheap booze and cheaper women.

      I’d have to follow the advice I’ve give so many times before.

    4. Raji says:

      This is a very difficult time. You need to make sure you don’t isolate yourself b/c of any pain,embarrassment, regret or shame you may be feeling. Talk to your friends/family who you can trust. If you even have 1 close, trusted person – you need to vent & share your thoughts feelings and concerns. Keeping your feelings inside will lead to weak moments and depression. If you don’t have a friend to talk to, you may benefit from online groups or community support groups. Whatever you do,don’t talk to you child about your anger or hurt. This will result in your child feeling hurt, and responsible… its true.Kids personalize things b/c they are naturally egocentric so be sure you keep up a positive front for your kid. If you have sad moments just tel him that Mommy is a little sad but that she’ll be ok. Then tell him how he makes you happy and that he is so very loved. You will get through this & be happier for it ultimately.

    5. BetheOne says:

      You will miss the other parent and the perceived love. Ultimately, if they want a divorce for their own reasons it should be done. It is quite possible they are endangering you with extramarital affairs, cannot be a good parent, have differences with you that are not voiced or that one spouse simply dismisses as not important, or they truly are not devoted. They may want a different life and it must not be forced upon them due to having a child. A divorce lawyer or a paralegal knows what a difficult time it is for couples who are splitting.
      Personally, when you marry someone from a different country and they prefer to live there than the USA, those relationships will not work out especially when other problems arise.

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