What are some pros and cons of being friends after a divorce or break up?

Is it better to be separate from each other after a break up or divorce? Or can you still be friends?

I think that it’s reasonable for a divorced couple to be friends with each other, seeing as how they might still trust each other.

What do you think?

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    6 Responses to What are some pros and cons of being friends after a divorce or break up?

    1. Softtouchmale says:

      If it was a mutual breakup, or it was amicable after the breakup. Its possible.

      The problem isn’t necessarily trust. It depends on if there are wounded hearts, hurt feelings, unresolved issues, or issues of abandonment and so forth.

      The cause of the breakup, as in the reasons, sometimes make a difference. So is it possible? Yes. It happens all the time.

      But inevitably if one of the two is left behind to fend for themselves outside of the friendship there might be some hurt there.

      Like I said, circumstances dictate a lot of things.

    2. sabrinajones30 says:

      if u have kids it would definitely be great to be friends for the kids sake. maybe it didn’t work as a couple, but u would be closer as friends.

    3. slap artist says:

      If you have that kind of a relationship ,why cant you still be together?

    4. Coolguy says:

      My parents have been marry over 50 years. They are still happy. What a blessing!
      I have no clue the reason why you want to divorce.
      If you and your spouse having trouble relationship, it is better to be separate than divorce if you and your husband really love each other without any abusive, adultery, and any harm. Just let things to calm down. Then get it back to discuss it over and work thing out.
      My recommendation is get the marriage counseling and the book about "The Five Love Languages" by Dr. Gary Chapman.

    5. furyroad says:

      If there are children in the picture being friends and civil to each other makes things a whole lot smoother.

    6. THE LIEBERATOR says:

      that would never happen in my world at ALL,i would NEVER even consider it, its an insult especially when theres ALOT of special time spent together–

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