Watch Ellen Enjoy a Hilarious ‘Divorce Court’ Clip

On today’s show, Ellen shared a hilarious clip from “Divorce Court.” You can enjoy watching it with her right here, and then be sure to check out the full clip here.

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    25 Responses to Watch Ellen Enjoy a Hilarious ‘Divorce Court’ Clip

    1. azotos says:

      Singing much better than swearing.
      And you negros swear really bad
      but sing fantasticly.

    2. SketchbookStudios1 says:

      Sing it Sista!

    3. JasminLeblanc says:


    4. MizMostLikelyToFail says:

      I pity the singing lady in blue. That’s so disrespectful to have the other woman with. Your ring- hell I’ll b singing with her….. And I’m just here watching!!!!!!

    5. fr33spirit3d11 says:

      She was da shyt n wats done n tha dark, i luv tah b wit her n e tyme of tha day

    6. Elemehfayo says:

      @PicklesReallySuck yeah, i know a couple who went on this show and got something like a grand for one taping. they’re happily married.

    7. PicklesReallySuck says:

      @Elemehfayo This one may be fake then, if what you say is true. I know that some of the other court shows have real cases, although they pay for any losses the people on the show have.

    8. hydebleach says:

      OMG is this real??????

    9. SpyCat2020 says:

      lol awesome:P!

    10. cb7pwn says:


    11. dancerluv97 says:

      OMG she was in what’s done in the dark by Tyler perry I love her LOL

    12. fionaxp says:


    13. supermixgirl says:

      the lady with the ring is UGLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

    14. BryanColebrook says:

      At Least She Acts The Same In The Tyler Perry Plays. lol

    15. SevenIAmo7 says:

      Oh my god!!! Please tell me it’s real.

    16. Delroxorz says:

      I’d laugh harder but I actually enjoyed her vocalization.

    17. Amigosxoxo11 says:

      LMFAO !!!!!!!

    18. morikahjo says:

      I think its believable…they teach you to do these in anger management/therapy…Ive seen people who get anxious or upset drop everything to walk or run laps around a room. it helps!

    19. miyukioshia says:

      Lol:) epic

    20. tmjw69 says:

      This is so funny but more than that, this chic can SANG!

    21. chaosnaoss says:

      D’ATRA HICKS!!!! SHE ROKS!!!!!!!!!!

    22. lenamuopc says:

      as seen on ray william johnson? watever

    23. jeny242lyfe says:

      lmaooo at least she can sing

    24. Orsonik1414 says:

      Live movie soundtrack.

    25. EmilyOsmentLoveSick says:

      she’s actually good 😛 lol

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