Understanding How the Care of Your Children is Considered During Trial Court in a Divorce Case

One of the biggest factors in a divorce is the care of the children involved.  It’s important to understand that your children didn’t ask for the divorce—and that having both parents involved in their lives is so important to their well-being and the best interests of your children.  With this in mind, it is important to demonstrate your ability to care for your children in order to obtain joint—or full—custody of your children.

When it comes to the judge’s decisions regarding the care and support of the children, it is important that they consider the “best interests” of the children.  Understand that the “best interest” is not always the children being with their mother under full custody—”best interest” is typically having both parents equally involved in their children’s lives.

In order to come to a fair and just conclusion of who should be the primary caretaker of the children, the judge looks at a variety of issues.  First, who has been taking care of the children?  If when you separated from your wife, you left her with the house and the kids, you can almost guarantee that she will have the right to continue what she’s been doing—which is taking care of the kids fulltime.  It is important to know that a mother is in no way better suited to care for a child as a father—this even playing ground should definitely be established early on in the case.

In some cases, family law observers and home evaluators may make recommendations to the judge in regards of who they feel is more fit and favorable to have as the primary caregiver to the children.  These recommendations, along with the possible wishes of the children (if at a mature enough age to determine their personal choice of the parents to reside with), are two strongly weighed considerations by the judge.


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