Ugly Broke Chic Thinks She’s a Diva…

She needs to sit her ass down somewhere

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    25 Responses to Ugly Broke Chic Thinks She’s a Diva…

    1. JeloMulawin says:

      how the hell did that decent guy got married to such crazy woman….

    2. JeloMulawin says:

      lol, diva commandment #5

    3. moshesh says:

      Thous shalt not look like a burnt up poodle.

    4. fuckingharpsichord says:


    5. harajukabarbie69 says:

      dumb bitch

    6. Arriel90 says:

      she play to much she need to sit it down im sorry no ma’am ur not a diva focus on gettin dat grill fixed

    7. bruincutie says:

      LOL@basic bitch! Thank you, I would have given you 10 thumbs up if I could. This bitch is fugly. She should do us all a favor and go drink bleach or something.

    8. quincy86th says:

      wat the fuck is wrong wit her lol hell naw

    9. allTRIPLE1 says:

      she is anything but a Diva.

    10. protectedandsacred says:

      this chick is dilusional

    11. MicahUIC says:

      lol idk what to do?

    12. Homicide419 says:

      @allTRIPLE1 anything “below” a diva

    13. Nottie1071 says:

      Im a smart diva i have brains… i have brains…. hahahah wow i can’t believe her wow

    14. Thirdgen83 says:

      “Brains”?? She’s dumber than DIRT….AND she’s FAT.

    15. Moonsz8 says:


    16. arelius1971 says:

      Dark, short, teeth of a horse and ugly as bat !!! This chick is dumber than a stack of shit !!!

    17. arelius1971 says:

      An ugly broad with three children, Ewwww !!!!

    18. MsSooRandom says:


    19. JtheLioness says:

      Him saying she so ugly was too funny lol. He said it with disgust hahaha. This bit is so ignorant…smh

    20. osiris6364 says:

      “divas dont pick up dead people” lmao

    21. cindeler says:

      @arelius1971 u can tell the kids gonn look like gorillas lol

    22. ashvic2 says:

      @arelius1971 Yup!! Paper bags put to good use

    23. ElnAlter says:

      diva= all american women

    24. SystematicParoxysm says:

      Salada payne
      Thats a lotta pain.

    25. RDIKULUS says:

      “thats all good…i could handle it” lmaoooo

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