TNA: Kurt Angle’s Wife Wants A Divorce

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    25 Responses to TNA: Kurt Angle’s Wife Wants A Divorce

    1. Sener says:

      Is that Angle’s actual wife?

    2. deadcandance6666 says:


    3. BlueDragon56 says:

      Damn shes hott.

    4. badjld says:

      kurt can at least score a hot girl

    5. michaeljohnson74112 says:

      samoa joe lmao

    6. olson1917 says:


    7. Tamlin2308 says:

      owned in the face

    8. JasonHues says:


    9. TNA998 says:

      Poor Kurt!

    10. RosesAndDeepCuts says:

      Damn On National TV Thats Embarrasing

      His Wife Looks Like Jackie Gayda Alot

    11. ZycoZee says:


    12. PinkHollister94 says:

      hey theres me ! i see myself lol

    13. ZackMcLeish says:

      she gonna go with samoa joe or what

    14. austinRgrimes says:

      Dear TNA, you need a 2 hour show ASAP! iMPACT! is getting better and better. Keep up the good booking and writing. Thank you for your by far superior product then those “other guys”.

    15. vwgti101 says:

      wow his wife is beautiful.

      this was sooo funny.

      i love this this was good the best part of the show i have ever seen.

      brink back x-pac

    16. zappared says:

      Man, he better freakin loose now.

    17. foreversouthpark says:

      Karen is Hot

    18. schoolsuxnuts says:


    19. danvitorri says:

      to tell u the truth i hate kurt angle

    20. chuckphantom says:


    21. WrestlingMaster1 says:

      DAME!!! Angles wife is HOT!!!!

    22. ChickenAdoboDirector says:

      man it was funny the way she just show’d him up on T.V.!!!

    23. LW4E says:

      One of the belts? Can’t name it? Can’t keep track of your own crap?

    24. Berny276 says:

      yea! Go Joe! I cant wait for Hard Justice

    25. Streetstyle97 says:

      Eh..He’s way to cocky…

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