Tina & Mathew Divorce, Brittany Murphy Dies, Mary J. Blige New Album Stronger & More

Alaina Reed Halls dies of Breast Cancer. 0:44 Click the link to learn how prevent breast cancer. familydoctor.org Tina & Mathew Knowles To Divorce 1:25 Brittany Murphy dies of cardiac arrest at age 32. 2:45 Jermaine Dupri Vs The Dream 4:20 Steph Jones Little Drummer Boy Music Video 6:20 www.youtube.com Mary J. Blige New Album Stronger Witheach Tear 7:15

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25 Responses to Tina & Mathew Divorce, Brittany Murphy Dies, Mary J. Blige New Album Stronger & More

  1. seanrobinsonjr says:

    Not at all by the divorce. But i agree, i hope Solange & B are okay too!

    & Im loving Mary J. Blige New album 🙂

  2. MakeSense10 says:

    well now u know.. hating ass jealous ass bitch

  3. MakeSense10 says:

    Luv Scorpion.. he show my gurl Mary mad luvv.. she deserve it.. best 2010 album

  4. gedking8871 says:

    well said about Janet

  5. MrStillStanding says:

    Obviously The-Dream didn’t do good because her album is flopping and it’s one of her worse. How can you say FUCK Jermaine, when it’s HIM, whose giving Mariah some of her biggest hits from ALWAYS BE MY BABY, WE BELONG TOGEHTER, SHAKE IT OFF, DON’T FORGET ABOUT US, IT’S LIKE THAT, etc. Jermaine is the one who was behind her WHOLE COMEBACK IN 2005 with the “Emancipation of Mimi”! It was Jermaine.

  6. MrStillStanding says:

    It doesn’t matter if he put some bullshit tracks on Janet’s albums, it doesn’t take it away from the fact that The Dream fucked up Mariah’s album. But The Dream shudn’t really care. The Dream did fuck up tho. That album is horrible. But Jermaine Durpi was wrong tho, I can admit that.

  7. theskorpionshow says:

    Mariah sounds great on the new album!

  8. MrStillStanding says:

    Yeah she sounds good. But the music is awful. It sounds like a Dream album!

  9. msneal22 says:

    Just so you know…. Recent pictures of Brintney Murphey would lead one to believe that she suffers from anorexia. People who suffer from this disease, epecially if it is prolonged, suffer from heart attcacks. I lost my best friend thato anorexia and have googled it. I think that her eating disorder had something to do with her untimely death.

  10. Mz2muchx says:

    Jermaine Durpi has done good albums with artist like Da Brat, Mariah Carey, Jagged Edge, Escape, Kriss Kross, Bow Wow, but NONE of these artist were on the level of Janet Jackson, in my opinion, Jermaine wasn’t qualified to handle such a job of producing an album for somebody of Janet’s status.

  11. Carlegurl3 says:

    I can’t believe Brittany Murphey is gone…I loved her on Sister Sister, Clueless, Uptown Girls and Just Married; it was way too soon!

  12. Just4Friendz says:

    Just curious…. SKORPION DO YOU EVER GET TIRED OF YOURSELF TALKING???? (for the record, i listen to just about all that you say, but do you get tired of talking sometimes???) JUST CURIOUS!!!!!!! keep doing what you do!

  13. DEADliyah says:

    Good thing your broke ass doesn’t get paid for thinking.

  14. 1982sane says:

    @DEADliyah funny u said tht,……i was watching housewives of atlanta and I heard Kandi say…”good thing ppl don’t get paid for thinking”…hmm

  15. officialkonvict says:

    yo do you make any money from this

  16. shontay07108 says:

    Skorpion we have completely different tastes. I LOVE Growing Pains! I think it’s way better than this new album. I still love Mary, though.

  17. msandrews87 says:

    I was so saddened by Brittany Murphy’s death. I loved her in Clueless, Girl Interrupted and Uptown Girls. She will be missed. I could care less about Tina and Mathew’s divorce, not shocked at all.

  18. kamay81 says:

    Hi Kev,
    Saw the “Beyonce Revealed” on E! once, about BeyoncĂ©’s bio and they said Bey’s parents had some issues in their marriage, allegedly because he was spending all the money on DC. Allegedly again, he moved out for a while. I doubt a husband will move out just because of money issues. Just sayin’, either way, it’s none of our business…

  19. cocoa15210 says:

    wow thats crazy, I didnt even know she died

  20. WorldChanger81 says:

    OK, so we don’t see Mathew and Tina together unless they’re supporting Bey or Solange. So what?! They’re not celebrities, why would we be seeing them out and about all the time, let alone paying attention to them? So saying that it shouldn’t be a surprise they’re divorcing because we don’t see them out together is crap. We don’t see J. Lo and Marc “Gremlin Face” Anthony out either and they’re happy as hell.

  21. WorldChanger81 says:

    BTW Skorpion, I LOVED your stint on The Dream and Jermaine “Halitosis Mouth” Dupri. You let Jermaine’s ugly ass HAVE It!!!

  22. Avalita07 says:

    well Tina KNowles looks like a mean witch just like Beyonce. I’m not surprised.

  23. mistressbynite says:

    i havent liked any of mary j blidges albums since my life. and yeah tina knowles is a witch just like her daughter…and i like the dreams music rip miss reed i grew up on you.

  24. EricaDawson103 says:

    Speechless!! Kept listening ,cnt keep away my ears, and happy that i downloaded the entire album for free at DownloadMusic/./im , remove the slashes..

  25. elegant33846 says:

    actually the trick is to click to gointoit.com to get the 256k version of this mp3.

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