Till divorce do us part {1/10}

Lady Edgware, the well-known stage actress Jane Wilkinson, has a dilemma in that her husband has consistently refused to give her a divorce. She asks Hercule Poirot to visit the man to see if there is any possibility of convincing him. Lord Edgware is nothing short of nasty, treating all those around him very badly. When he is found dead, there is no great surprise, but there certainly are a good number of suspects NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED

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    25 Responses to Till divorce do us part {1/10}

    1. maya9160 says:

      no no no no nooooooooo

    2. KenyanPlayboyBunnie1 says:

      The funny actress was hilarious…Poirots little steps! ;p

    3. jmg3116 says:

      She insulted the mustache !

    4. shambles07 says:

      Carlotta Adams is brilliant 😀

    5. airomjg says:

      i love how hastings says shes a beautiful woman as she is walking down the stairs and it shows them watching her from “behind”. hastings hastings hastings… and if im not mistaken poirot takes a little peek

    6. thisherecat says:

      Stand up artist? Woman? London circa 1930? Ridiculous.

    7. seppsters says:

      Can you try not being rude, irrational and blasphemous in one sentence ?

    8. silverysnow92 says:

      She was the funniest when impersonating Poirot (and his walking). xDDD

    9. jsstoner999 says:

      @MusicLoverBrian1 I agree with your opinion about David Suchet, I loved Davids version of Murder on the Orient Express.

    10. MaxxTankian says:

      Is there a TV version with david suchet of “the big four” ?

    11. fireserpent26 says:

      @airomjg ur quite wrong there. hasting and poirot were both standing at the bottom of the steps when she descended,so hastings saw her face.

    12. airomjg says:

      @fireserpent26 no they were at the top watching her walk away im sure.lol

    13. thepcgamewalkthrough says:

      How come Poirot does not offer to let Hastings stay with him till he can find a place of his own?

    14. xxxPurplexGirlxxx says:

      @MaxxTankian No 🙁 I wish there was.

    15. MaxxTankian says:

      @xxxPurplexGirlxxx awwwwwwwwwww This is for me one of teh best, 🙂 i wish David suchet will film it with “Curtain” 🙂

    16. xxxPurplexGirlxxx says:

      @thepcgamewalkthrough I don’t know, in the books he usually does

    17. thepcgamewalkthrough says:

      @xxxPurplexGirlxxx Which was why I was surprised. Usually Poirot is quite hospitable.

    18. xxxPurplexGirlxxx says:

      “She does impersonations.”
      “Impersonations? Not for Poirot.”

      lol ^_^

    19. xxxPurplexGirlxxx says:

      “I’d say those impressions were absolutely spot on.”
      “You thought so, Hastings? For me there was something of an exaggeration.”


    20. Hendrikdevuile says:

      @thepcgamewalkthrough Possibly because Mrs Hastings might move in too when she’s wound up their,affairs in Argentina, and as an old bachelor fixed in his habits….

    21. Dw1995Dancer says:

      Oh no she didn’t!!! She just insulted the great Hercule Poirot AND his precious mustache!!

    22. el7jake says:

      Oh, c’mon. Give us the rest of this marvelous Ustinov-as-Poirot film. What harm can it do?

    23. liliasta1 says:

      that was a crap impression…

    24. xxxPurplexGirlxxx says:

      Why must they always make American accents so horrible? I’m not American but i still think it’s bad.

    25. peymaania says:

      I can’t stand plays and theater! I had to live with a theater major for one very long and painful year while in college. If I see another one, I shall make road kill of him of her. Sans Merci!

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