Tiki Barber Broke, Can’t Afford Divorce

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25 Responses to Tiki Barber Broke, Can’t Afford Divorce

  1. colbytobin says:

    why would someone need $150,000 a month? WTF

  2. MrRightAllTime says:

    america has become a whoreable place for women to take a man’s hard earn money. Women are just whores and expect a man to feed her. I say do what OJ did already.

  3. KillJesus says:

    @1Nbillion817 Money and vagina rule the world. I just hope that Cenk the the crew take it easy with the advertisements during their clips.

  4. 1Nbillion817 says:

    @KillJesus yea. I do too. It seems too much, too quick. But it was just a hearty joke. U get it

  5. worldsavy says:

    tiki fucked up big time. and he wasnt even getting the variety of pussy that tiger was getting.

  6. Ou8y2k2 says:

    @worldsavy It’s not just the variety, the seasonal quality, texture and mushiness counts too.

  7. JM111787 says:

    that mofo was making more then the prime minster of canada

  8. worldsavy says:

    @MrRightAllTime I like how you call Tiki’s wife of god knows how long a whore when Tiki was the one sleeping around.

  9. MrRightAllTime says:

    You don’t know if she was sleeping around hence you are prejudging my friend.
    I think she is a whore because she will soon be sleeping around with other men soon. I think a man should have a right to his money if he is the one earning that money.

  10. coffee2luv says:

    JR is so cute.

  11. hammy606 says:

    Im waiting till i can buy a WWOJD t-shirt

  12. upabittoolate says:

    @Hamhark98 I deplore what he did. And yes, I was being sarcastic. But let’s use another perspective. What if they’d already been estranged?(irrespective of the pregnancy’s timeframe).

    Neither you nor I can judge Mr. Barber’s integrity or his depth because we haven’t walked & talked with the man; we weren’t there. In the end, the heart wants what the heart wants.

    If the worst of the rumors are true, fuck him. (I’m still pissed that he blasted his coach.) If not though, don’t judge him.

  13. zibbaen says:

    While I do think that Barber is lying, it’s not like rich people can’t get broke. Michael Jackson, who was once quite rich indeed, was in debt in the later parts of his life. That’s why he was planning that huge comeback – he needed money.

  14. clockworkorange1986 says:

    Tiki can’t be that dumb.

    The rich use offshore accounts to shield courts from any settlements. Tiki is probably laughing all the way to the bank. It’s a shame about the kids though.

  15. Steve197201 says:

    All he makes is $300K/yr? Being a celebrity, I would have expected him to make at least a few million a year. I mean, Rush Limbaugh makes tens of millions of dollars a year.

    And what’s this about the entire TYT staff making a total of $300,000 per year? Cenk said there were eight of them. That amounts to an average of only $37,000/yr each – for what they do (again, they’re celebrities). I would have expected Cenk to be making at least a mil a year. Now, I don’t feel so poor anymore.

  16. ethioman10 says:

    @Steve197201 There not celebrity’s, and your an IDIOT for thinking Cenk or anyone on the staff makes a million dollars!

  17. Steve197201 says:


    Ah, here we go with the namecalling. And by the way, do you think a million dollars a years is a lot of money? There are many small business owners who make more than that. And most well known people in the media make millions, so why would I be an idiot to expect the same of TYT? Or, are you trying to say that they’re not successful?

  18. SwampThizzle says:

    Another broke ass nigga. Nothing to see here.

  19. katiefary says:

    love the end with jayar

  20. bordone says:

    at 2:17 there is a 2 second subliminal message across the screen. I didnt think TYT would actually ever do something like that. I know advertising is important but seriously, subliminally ?

  21. lloydSSJ4 says:

    @bordone i can see it, but i dont think its advertising, it just seems to say the date when the video was aired

  22. Useyno says:

    I think Tiki Barber is a undercover brother on the slick.

  23. redmustang03 says:

    He should of stayed playing like his Brother Rhonde. I mean look what happened when he retired. The next year the Giants win the Super Bowl without him after he bashed Eli. Made him look like an ass then he cheats and leaves his wife and now he’s a nothing.

  24. jaicha1 says:

    just a nigger being a nigger~ knock up some bitch with some more nigger babies to pollute the world then leave her for a black cock lovin white bitch. He may speak very well for a nigger but he is still a nigger. A NIGGER!

  25. Missy2012NY says:

    This is nothing new. Black males do this all the time (especially the so called ‘good ones.’) I notice that it only makes the news when it happens to a non black woman. His Asian wife now has 4 children. Again, this happens to a lot of black women, the difference is, when the guy leaves, they don’t get any money, they are just left with a houseful of children.

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