The Talk – The Talk – Melissa Gilbert on Divorce & Sara’s Coming Out

Actress Melissa Gilbert discusses her recent divorce from Bruce Boxleitner after 16 years of marriage and when her sister Sara Gilbert came out.

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    17 Responses to The Talk – The Talk – Melissa Gilbert on Divorce & Sara’s Coming Out

    1. RJS3566 says:

      Melissa looks like she had a lot of work done.

    2. dogloverNV says:

      Melissa really looks a lot like Joan Rivers these days! YIKES! And PLEASE! Let’s remove vajayjay from modern parlance! It’s so tacky!

    3. meatballs1959 says:

      Love the reference to the Up With People couple.

    4. breea07 says:

      I wonder if Sharon really thought that was appropriate. Poor Sara.

    5. melonbabeee2005 says:

      I wish Melissa had not had all of those surgeries. She was so beautiful the way God made her!

    6. ainmove says:

      Oh she used to be a stunning beauty. I guess it is just really hard to age with dignity in this business. Some just can`t take it.

    7. Tessie92Oth says:

      I love Melissa Gilbert, she is a great actress!!
      I hate that some people criticizes her because of all the surgeries she has done, SHE STILL LOOKS BEAUTIFUL LIKE SHE WAS BEFORE!!!

    8. tmmullin87 says:

      I rented a house to Melissa and Sara a few years ago at a real estate vcation rental office. I didn’t even know it was her. until a week before they were to arrive, everyone in the office said you do know who is coming in? it was really nice to meet them, although due to the office manager/ owner, we were not allowed to ask for autograph or photos. Really sucked. I wish I would have just done it now, I quit working there a few months later. I think Sara is so pretty.

    9. AtlantaBarb says:

      Sharon osborne is sooo rude, would she have ask that tacky question of a straight woman, “when did you know so and so love the cock…. Sharon Osborne is Euro trash

    10. HearWithoutPrejudice says:

      MUCH better cast

    11. mamacalientita says:

      Melissa Gilbert looks like shit!!!

    12. cornellfamily2 says:

      melissa looks like a walking advertisement for “LOOK WHAT PLASTIC SURGERY CAN DO FOR YOU”  ugly.

    13. TyanaMari says:

      To all the ppl saying Sharon Osbourne was tacky 4 asking that question…Understand that the show is called The Talk which means they need 2 discuss life in all aspects…Sara Gilbert knows that she’s lesbian…The point I’m trying to make is that if you are proud of what u represent & embody then u shouldn’t have a problem with being asked your story…I’m not a lesbian but if I were & was having a problem coming out to my family knowing various people’s stories could help me tell them.

    14. LadyScorpio39 says:

      omg! with all that plastic surgery mellissa gilbert is starting to look just like joan rivers!
      what would Pa say?

    15. LadyScorpio39 says:

      sharon osbourne once again proves that she has no class!

    16. LadyScorpio39 says:

      sharon osbourne once again proves that she has no class!

    17. RobinTerry718 says:

      season one does not exist? this show started in 2010 and it as listed as season 0???????

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