The Life of a Leeds Solicitor

Anyone who is living in the Leeds area has an excellent choice when they are in need of legal services or representation.  Not only are there hundreds of different solicitors in Leeds, but many of them are specialists in a particular area of law.  And this is great news for anyone who requires advice on a certain type of problem.

With a population of around 800,000 it is no real surprise that every day, a large amount of people will need to use the services of a solicitor; and that figure is centred on the city itself.  And if you are including Huddersfield, Halifax, Dewsbury, Wakefield and several other parts of the Leeds region, then you are talking about almost 3 million people in total!

Even if only a tenth of these people were to require legal advice then it would certainly keep local solicitors busy.  Leeds is also the fastest growing city in the UK and it is often viewed as the second largest centre for business, legal and financial services outside of London.  So, you are probably beginning to understand what a huge amount of clients a Leeds solicitor will have to deal with over the course of a year.

However, this is all very good news for anyone needing legal advice or representation and because of the sheer size of Leeds, solicitors must provide a great service for every type of client.  This means specialising in a huge variety of areas; employment matters, medical negligence, Will and probate, criminal matters and child custody (to name but a few).  Whatever problem it is that you have, you can be pretty sure that there will be someone to help you; and the chances are they will have dealt with some very similar cases in the past.

But it doesn’t end there…  Solicitors in Leeds also have to deal with a wealth of commercial matters; and this is no small feat either.  There are hundreds of shops, factories and small businesses in the Leeds area and many of them will require legal advice from time to time.  ‘Commercial matters’ is actually an umbrella term for all manner of different issues; so many in fact, that it would take a very long time to list them all.  However, the more common areas include; dispute resolution, licensing and planning, legal health check, sports law, employer support packs and property litigation.  

Some people seem to think that being a solicitor is quite an easy job.  After studying law for a few years, they picture a nice quiet office with only a handful of clients to see each week.  However, the reality of it is very different indeed.  Thousands of people require accurate and helpful advice every single week and solicitors must be knowledgeable in a wealth of different subjects; legal work is actually an incredibly demanding career.

If you are on the lookout for a nice easy career that involves very little hard work, then do not even consider training to be a solicitor!

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Leeds Solicitors, Chadwick Lawrence delivers a comprehensive range of expert legal services to commercial and private clients. Chadwick Lawrence Solicitors have offered professional and supportive legal advice to both private and commercial clients for over 160 years. Operating regionally in Yorkshire and with offices close to Dewsbury, Wakefield, Halifax and Huddersfield, choose Chadwick Lawrence your legal needs.
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