The Howard Stern Show – Larry King 8th Divorce 4-15-10

Howard talks about larry his wife Shawn Southwick and her sister Shannon Engeman and the rumours of affairs on both sides of the marriage. i heard a rumour that larry didn’t get a prenup doh!.

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    25 Responses to The Howard Stern Show – Larry King 8th Divorce 4-15-10

    1. SimplyRisque says:

      @Subzero288 fucker’s so old he was there reporting when baby Jesus was born.

    2. Boomoutgothelights says:

      @astroman30 why would you say that if you’re not 100% sure of it. you’re just stating an opinion and trying to make it seem like a fact

    3. Boomoutgothelights says:

      @astroman30 why would you say that if you’re not 100% sure of it? You’re just stating an opinion and you’re trying to make it seem like a fact

    4. astroman30 says:

      @Boomoutgothelights Which part of what I stated are you against: Ugly? Jews? Don’t like each other? Jews controlling the Hollywood?

    5. Boomoutgothelights says:

      @astroman30 I’m against your bias you ignoramus. And I’m not jewish (incase you were wondering), I’m atheist. People like you might as well be dead

    6. astroman30 says:

      @Boomoutgothelights Perhaps you would like to look up Marlon Brando’s view of Jews controlling Hollywood. Consequently, he stated this very concept to Larry King. I’ve only repeated what Brando stated. You can type in “Marlon Brando, Jews, Larry King.” See for yourself.

    7. yuiyuizz says:

      i can’t imagine that a women looks at larry king and thinks i have to get a piece of that!

    8. spikeboy25 says:

      @batoo1994 Of course. Butt sex = THE APOCALYPSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    9. WayneJetski69 says:

      Larry King uses his suspenders to hold up his limp dick while trying to fuck

    10. hernje says:

      It’s ironic, Jewboy’s entire career has been made up of making fun of others. Yet, he’s the biggest mess, of a human being, that’s ever walked the planet.

    11. DevonAlexanderHess says:

      @hernje Learn to, use punctuation you, fucking idiot.

    12. hernje says:

      @DevonAlexanderHess – Thanks for pointing that out, young man. It’s always comforting knowing grammar nerds, such as yourself, are out there patrolling. Keep up the good work. Chicks love mindless guys, that can spell and punctuate well. (Remember, don’t let anyone see you eat your boogers.)

    13. DevonAlexanderHess says:

      @hernje Thanks for that ad hominem, you really burned me good.
      Also, “Chicks love mindless guys, that can spell and punctuate well” doesn’t need a coma in it. Not to mention it’s punctuation, not grammar. Better luck next time.

    14. hernje says:

      @DevonAlexanderHess – “ad hominem”? @@@ I’ll bet your mother is very proud of you, but I guarantee,,, your father is not!!! (despite what he may tell you.)

    15. DevonAlexanderHess says:

      @hernje You know, “ad hominem.” Or did you drop out of high school?
      And I don’t even understand what you just said. So, what… is that a gay joke? My mother would be proud and my father wouldn’t? Someone explain this to me, seriously.
      I won’t even correct your writing anymore, since it’s clearly only going to get worse.

    16. hernje says:

      @DevonAlexanderHess -It means you seem to be very proud of having femine skills. In the real world, knowing things such as what an “ad hominen” is MIGHT get you a degree in English. And then MAYBE you can get a job as an English teacher, with the rest of the girls. At your age I rebuilt my first car (1972 Camaro). At 25, designed and built my first home. I’m sure at one point I knew what an “ad hominen” was but, did not retain simply because it was (and still is) useless knowledge.

    17. dzanier says:

      Howard’s not nearly as revolting as lots of other Jews, For one, he’s not a big supporter of Israel. In fact he never has anything to say about it, and he isn’t so proud to be a Jew, which is generally a quality that Jews really tend to nauseate people with. As if they were the only ethnic group in the world.

    18. hernje says:

      @dzanier – I respectfuly disagree. In my opinion, Stern is the best example of the stereotypical American Jew, therefore extremely “revolting”. I don’t have a problem with any ethnicity being defensive or proud of there family’s homeland.(right or wrong) What goads me is any person who is abusive to their employees financially, while at the same time being so dependant on them for one’s success; reaping in hundreds of millions and greedily hoarding for oneself. Jewboy is rotten to the core.

    19. dzanier says:

      As far as I know, and I’ve been listening to him for 20 years now on and off, he is not at all abusive to his employees. Oh you meant financially. I’m not sure I agree with that. If you know something I don’t fill me in. You wna to know who is the stereotypical America Jew. He is obnoxious, abrasive, offensive to his employees and very proud of how big of a prick he is. Film producer Harvery Weinstein of Miramax. The only thing you need to know about him is that he admires Ariel Sharon.

    20. DeepSouthWrestling1 says:

      @dzanier : Please take note that hernje is a total fucking idiot who secretly loves Stern. I asked him to defend his allegations concerning Stern’s ripping employees off, and all he could produce is an offhand comment Stern once made on the air… when I questioned this, he just cut straight to insults, etc… the first resort of someone who has no argument!! He’s probably a caller that got his ass handed to him, so he trolls Stern pages… the word “Idiot” is too kind for him!!

    21. DeepSouthWrestling1 says:

      @DevonAlexanderHess : It’s apparent you’re wasting your time with a total fucking idiot…

    22. dzanier says:

      Who’s hernje? I’ve never heard of him.

    23. DeepSouthWrestling1 says:

      @dzanier : Ha! Me neither!!

    24. quezcatol says:

      @batoo1994 yes, because clearly the middle-class has the money or the time to fuck around and play as these so called “celebs” do…

    25. Lvduggo69 says:

      Who’s hernje ? He’s a pussy that can only talk shit on the computer. I’ve told him to come to las Vegas and I’ll beat his ass but as most pussys do he won’t do it. It’s prob cuz he’s a smal little man “homo man ” that can’t stand to talk shit In somebody’s face. Cuz he’s scared like a Little girl. Waaaaaaaaaa my name is hernje and I’m a small arMEANIan man girl. I’m a 250lb black man an can whip his ass with one hand.

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