The Chaser – Divorce Me Clip

How to get rid of your girlfriend.

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25 Responses to The Chaser – Divorce Me Clip

  1. teamkiller99 says:

    Yeah the first two were real, the sunrise one was fake though. The people at Sunrise didn’t know what he was going to say, but it never went to air. They agreed to let the chaser do this skit.

  2. jabbid111 says:

    “and Im now going out with kochie” hahahahah


  3. 11Ellz says:

    It acctualy did air on sunrise i swear i saw it lol

  4. Ninjarni says:

    um… pretty sure it did

  5. mitchellky says:

    I saw them say it on sunrise. They asked a favour off them and they did it.

  6. klasco1991 says:

    it did because it was live to

  7. anrminator says:

    it did air on sunrise….

  8. jameswsparker says:

    I’ve already watched the hosts of that show saying it was a sketch they did for The Chaser.

  9. OnMehOwn says:

    lmfao classic i gotta try that sometime.but its gettin a tv show the misses watches to do it hahaha

  10. pandappotamus says:

    was that real?

  11. scooternscooby says:

    no wasnt real

  12. lavender8881 says:

    lol he isnt even married

  13. lavender8881 says:

    they asked sunrise for a favor and they did it for a joke. It did actually air

    but he isnt even married

  14. blakesquakers says:

    The sunrise bit was real, It actually happened on live TV once but the whole thing about Jo was made up.

  15. cattledogandstaffy says:

    I love this episode!

  16. MetalMusicFcukers says:

    is that real?

  17. nucleus187 says:

    no, but still bloody funny! Kochie and Mel came out later and said it was a stunt for the Chaser’s show. it never went to air

  18. nucleus187 says:

    no, it didn’t happen on live TV you tool.

  19. nucleus187 says:


  20. hightopCINDERELLA says:

    @breakingthehabit2008 yeah um no…if you listen to the commenary of this episode..they say its fake…

  21. rileyshamus7 says:

    Kochie’s fake reaction haha…

  22. Psykoged says:

    failblog stole this: break up win

  23. taxma says:

    @Psykoged yeah they did

  24. rANDOM1NATiON says:

    @MetalMusicFcukers no it wasn’t

  25. XxXSeether says:

    haha Go CHRIS!!!!

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