Tammy Wynette – DIVORCE

Tammy Wynette – DIVORCE

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25 Responses to Tammy Wynette – DIVORCE

  1. manfocused says:

    “Our dee, eye, vee, oh, arr, see, eee becomes final too-day”

  2. tez601 says:

    she was in love with jones rite till the end

  3. jbarlow5 says:

    AAbwolf the Geo she is singing about is George, yes the original is Joe, it is a play on the words from her DIVORCE from George

  4. jbarlow5 says:

    Interesting comments, yes in this version she say GEO and the original says JOE and of course she is singing about George Jones, but who is JOE in the original?le ts here about the JOE if anybody knows!

  5. starlight76able says:

    Great Talend and great song, and don’t belive in marriage personally.

  6. latino7630 says:

    For Mum…..i love you πŸ™‚
    Sorry u hd t suffer with stupid Dad…
    I love you πŸ™‚

  7. JennaBgood says:

    No Doubt. Tammy was George’s one true love. I think he loved her till the day she died. JBG

  8. Cetara86 says:

    You have to admit it’s funny that she first sings “Stand by your man” and right after it she comes with the song “Divorce”… lol!

  9. ourdolly2002 says:

    iki love her singing

  10. davidfinch35 says:

    meryle haggard

  11. MyJustified says:

    @jbarlow5 GEO is for her daughter Georgette

  12. jbarlow5 says:

    @MyJustified Yes you are right it is about Georgette, do you know who the original JOE is??

  13. MyJustified says:

    @jbarlow5 nothing to do with, the writer probaly just used the name joe cause it’s short and matches the song.

  14. jbarlow5 says:

    @MyJustified , really? I wish we could find out, most of the songs related to someone or something going on in the life’s of the singers or writers, etc, I have to believe there is a JOE and would like to find out who he is, even if it is someone to do with the writer or involved in this song in some way…(as a joke maybe the guy cleaning the studio??)

  15. BlackBird7512 says:

    Can some1 tell me if Tammy Wynette ever sang a song called: “The darnest things kids say”?

  16. charliebradley1979 says:


    You are thinking of “Kids Say the Darndest Things” a wonderful song by Tammy πŸ™‚

  17. charliebradley1979 says:

    @Princekdr it was late 1994 Kevin. She started taping the seven episodes of this series maybe two or three months after we almost lost her in early 1994.

  18. charliebradley1979 says:

    @fleischpudding You are so full of shit your eyes are brown!

  19. MEGATRON9090 says:

    @kb9kbu when she says GEO im sure she talking about Georgette Jones…. she always added things to her song to let her know she singing about her i know this cuz i seen where Georgette talk about how her mom added stuff like that.. πŸ˜›

  20. nicoleakalilqueenie says:

    @kb9kbu, Sheο»Ώ clearly said G-E-O in THIS version of the song. Get your facts straight before you go calling people idiots. The idiot is Y-O-U this time.

  21. kb9kbu says:

    Okay, my hearing isn’t the greatest. So it’s G-E-O and not J-O-E. Time to get the ears cleaned again, I guess.

  22. Phil60289 says:

    This song will never die – Tammy did a great job with it. I still love you Tammy!!

  23. seanyboyrebel says:

    Partick T-H-I-S-T-L-E

    Our red and yellow team

  24. lolatyoulol says:

    @BeBitched86 Okay, that’s just fucking creepy.

  25. BeBitched86 says:

    @lolatyoulol troll, troll, troll your boat.


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