Tackiest Lawyer Commercial… Ever

“EZ Divorce Law” now known as (wait for it…) “DivorceDeli.com”

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    25 Responses to Tackiest Lawyer Commercial… Ever

    1. flyershockey17 says:

      lol blow your brains out over forms

    2. PhiltreVert says:

      I don’t know what’s more disturbing, this video, or some of the comments on this video.

    3. bleachno9 says:

      WTF THIS IS EPIC, Nothing tacky at all, he’s all real lol

    4. Carbolicsmokeball26 says:

      This is terrible! Firstly, lawyers should serve their client and try to bring about resolution as peaceably as possible – not fan the flames with words like vermin! Secondly, I would not trust a lawyer who cannot even learn to tied his tie the correct length.

    5. qwertyuiop298 says:

      Ha! When I first saw this, I thought it was some elaborate parody by Collegehumor and then I was like “Oh…shit, he’s for real”. Say what you like about this guy, but he’s totally made my day.

      I’ve been wondering why lawyers get such a bad rep for years now; in fact I’m aiming to become one. Thanks for clearing things up!

    6. pesdude says:

      With all those books behind him, he knows what he’s doing.

    7. Shippiddge says:

      Fuck man. This guy seems like the best lawyer ever. I’d totally hire this guy.

    8. Skyhighblu says:

      3 piece suit downtown. lol he’s the man!

    9. TheNameIsWayne says:

      Ari Gold of law! 🙂

    10. flavoredwallpaper says:

      Super effective. I’m getting married just so I can get divorced and hire this guy.

    11. ggm888 says:

      yeah but they still have to talk to each other if they have kids i bet he didn’t think about that

    12. lurch321 says:

      I’ve always liked Steve Miller (with the exception of The Joker, Swingtown and Dance, Dance, Dance).

      Whoops, wrong guy.

    13. AGreyDawn says:

      Wow he should be an actor TOO!;)

    14. savantiflag says:

      Do what I say, and do it now.

    15. Khrome1 says:

      This guy looks legit

    16. brdr33v3r says:

      Wow, I have a favorite lawyer now.

    17. ilearnedthetruth says:

      If he gets clients, then im pretty sure hell has frozen over.

    18. yellowfolder says:

      aren’t these sleazy lawyer types supposed to have some charisma? that was the most wooden, zero conviction performance ever

    19. geoff1424 says:

      hhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa now thats a damn attorney!!!! Id hire him in a heartbeat

    20. XuliusCaesar says:

      @yellowfolder which probably means you can trust him more than any other lawyer. Come to think of it, I’d sooner trust a rapist in a room full of sedated women than ANY lawyer

    21. MrRU550 says:

      From the law offices of Honest, Forthright & Cut-Throat

    22. MillionDollarSuit says:

      Do lawyers take cases against the federal government when they commit endless crimes against you and your family?

    23. MillionDollarSuit says:

      Like open and shut cases that are mediated? If you can still sue in America for attempted murder, kidnapping, invasion of privacy, misuse of NSLs, misuse of the Patriot Act, terrorist threatening, illegal interception of emails and phone calls, denial of attorney, police harassment, and emotional distress search ElectNoMoreSpys.blogspot

    24. noonesflower says:

      Maybe he was the inspiration for the cheesy lawyer on the tv series ‘Breaking Bad’.

    25. BusFurzer says:

      Tackiest Lawyer Ad … Ever NO SO A DIDL UND III SCHLOOG DII DOD

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