Stephen lynch – Lullaby ( The divorce song )


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    14 Responses to Stephen lynch – Lullaby ( The divorce song )

    1. FrozenBlankets says:

      At least in this vid there aren’t a bunch of drunks singing over him and it’s really Lynch.

    2. TheDeadbodyman92 says:

      funnyest singer ever thers no one like him

    3. VincentsValentine99 says:

      Brilliant XD

    4. ARD999 says:

      fookin ace

    5. OfficialCarmenGort says:

      He’s a freaking genius.

    6. BitOBytes says:

      FINALLY, a video without heritics in the background!

    7. animelover29876545 says:

      i love stephen lynch he is the best singing comidian ever… <3

    8. MasterOfFlash92 says:

      haha lynch for president of the world!! 😀

    9. bigdogjackass says:


    10. LinkMasterOfTime111 says:

      love it so much XD

    11. Lif3h0us3 says:

      <3 !

    12. iamfeared says:

      HE’S THE BEST EVER!!!!!!!

    13. TheFreakyWannaBe says:

      lol at ” He’l bring home your new mommy tonight!”

    14. calsdogMC says:

      Reminds me of Russel Howard 🙂

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