Stephen Lynch – Lullaby ( The divorce song )

From the CD ” A little bit special ” Video by ME Lyric’s hush little girl sweet baby dont cry, tonight daddy is here and he’ll sing you a soft lullaby, tonight why cant it all be like it was before how can i explain why mommy’s not here anymore cause daddy likes porno and whores daddy gets wasted and robs liquor stores daddy likes rubbing against little boys on the bus i think thats why mommy left us, mommy left us hush little girl there is no reason to fret, tonight don’t mind the smoke, daddy just wants to forget, tonight soon it will all be like it was before any minute, she will walk through that front door but daddy plays poker and drinks lots of beer then he wants sex that involves mommy’s rear daddy has sores on his naughty parts oozing with pus i think thats why mommy left us please dont cry i swear i’ll try to be here by your side right after daddy gets home from the bar visits his bookee and steals a new car he’ll drive to the strip club and if daddy plays his cards right he’ll bring home your new mommy tonight

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25 Responses to Stephen Lynch – Lullaby ( The divorce song )

  1. MrsUnavailable22 says:

    WTF why would u tell a lil girl that daddy likes to rub on littl boys this was cute at first then u get into the lyrics …. a hot mess … He has a beautiful voice tho….look at the lil cutie pic ….shoulda known sumtn wasn rite

  2. MrsUnavailable22 says:

    rite… whats with the lyrics who would really let there child listen to ths….I think th

  3. MrsUnavailable22 says:

    I think ths is sum kinda music porn….lmao

  4. EquinoxOfTheGods says:

    Love it 😀

  5. NATS29292 says:

    lol why did the mom leave the kid with this dad!?!??!

  6. LooneyM3 says:

    wow, singing about my life.. im crying right now.. im going to the bus station right now… LOL

  7. Bargrith says:

    This is so a song about me in 10 years

  8. HigginsFamB3 says:

    It might be my Brother NOw

  9. kibakynikolai says:

    I’m not gay, but if Stephen Lynch crawled into my bed one night, I don’t think I’d push him out.

  10. splockster says:


  11. DroppingTheRightTone says:

    even the rubbing against little boys on the bus part?

  12. fredrikzftw says:

    @kibakynikolai Word!

  13. 000skin999 says:

    and if daddy plays his cards right
    he’ll bring home your new mommy tonight

    hahah thats fucking crazy

  14. BeatboxingBassDuo says:

    @NATS29292 maybe she was because she was also stripper?
    Don’t know just suggesting:P

  15. ioanarocv says:


  16. mccartyzack33 says:

    LOL he’ll bring your new mommy tonight

  17. eisenhalter says:

    stephen is the shit

  18. vixster181 says:

    am i the only one thinkning that mommy’s a bit of a cunt for leaving her child with this man !!!!!! lol

  19. Salempsa says:

    @vixster181 thats funny

  20. kerplunkboy says:

    Man, I’m from Brasil, I heard this song on o message car(a car with loud speakers that parks in front of your house to make some kind of tribute or love stuff) and THIS ong was being played. It was to a couple that was celebrating their aniversary. I laughed so hard that I choke!

  21. stupidmecharm says:

    why the frigg would mommy leave her child with that daddy?

  22. douchebagcool says:

    well at least he didn’t leave his kid. not like the kid wanted him there any way.

  23. PipTheKoch says:

    @kibakynikolai does sound gay though 😀

  24. Daisymaisey says:


  25. topher237 says:


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