Steely Dan live plays “Haitian Divorce”

Haitian Divorce – Steely Dan Pine Knob Ampitheater Clarkston, MI 11 August 2003 In house video feed + Mono SBD

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    25 Responses to Steely Dan live plays “Haitian Divorce”

    1. GeneralGeorgeACuster says:

      Most negative posters have done nothing…
      never created anything…
      this is a fine version..

    2. pinball1970 says:

      The vocals ARE crap!

      I first posted here about two years and said similar

      First time back and its the same comments!

      Great song great song writer rubbish vocals

      That is what usually happens when you knock a song down a few tones to suit a lower range

    3. janjanjan0 says:

      he isn’t the best singer but its ridiculous if sn call it discusting.. i don’t think its that bad

    4. tattoofthesun says:

      outstanding fucking solos

    5. Herow93 says:

      Haringtons solo is so slick
      I’d give ANYTHING to play like that :O

    6. artskogas says:

      Jim Pugh just rules!! (Trombone)
      There is no other touring band that compares. IF you get the chance then see them GOOOOOO. Where I am they got a standing ovation half way through the set and they said ‘pls SIT DOWN theres loads more’, everybody sat down…….more than one or two teary eyed, it was ‘outrageous’ 🙂

    7. TheNicholas0202 says:

      Donald Fagen is so much better at singing than Walter Becker.

    8. zephrah says:

      its all the Dan dude.

    9. VermontFan1 says:

      Indeed, weird listening to Walter sing this. Donald’s much better for this one!

    10. carlospc says:

      @VermontFan1 Believe me or not, I “met” the Steely Dan on these videos. Because of that to me “Haitian Divorce” is a “Walter” song.


    11. Khultan says:

      Donald and Walter were both intrigued by Elliot Scheiner’s divorce from his wife, so really, it’s Walter’s contrasted with Donald. You all are biased and it’s unwarranted, but then again it’s typical of the knee jerk reacting human kind.

    12. durgaaa says:

      @pinball1970 – would you say that to Walter’s face ?

    13. pinball1970 says:

      What can I say?
      The man is one of my heros Lennon McCartney Hendrix David Bowie he is there right with them. Haitian Divorce is in my top 5 songs of all time but him singing this almost an octave lower or what ever key he has down tuned to sounds awful. It is not out of tune it just sounds crap that low. Imagine a bass version of dancing queen or nessun dorma ? It would sound rubbish.
      Yes if I met him I would say this version is not good.

    14. cioupty says:

      omg…walter is TERRIBBLE on this! Donald is the only one for this…

    15. AbiolaAbasi says:

      Why is Walter singing? He lacks the soulfulness that Donald has.

    16. ayalasender says:

      @VermontFan1 Walter Becker actually is the one singing this track in the original recording in ” The Royal Scam”.

    17. jwmellott says:

      Why if becker singing– just for a change of pace?

    18. bmills76 says:

      Wow! I didn’t know Walter could sing. Very cool!

    19. maddderb says:

      @VermontFan1 Weird listening to Walter ‘sing’ anything.

    20. TheBalcom says:

      @GeneralGeorgeACuster The negativity is weird in itself. Twas a great song and a great album. I wish I was as good as Donald Fagen.

    21. SaxyDan54 says:

      Herrington does such a fin job on the guitar, here!

    22. hartforp says:

      @carlospc Been listening to them since ’76 and this is a great and refreshing version.

    23. hartforp says:

      @carlospc Been listening to them since ’76 and this is a great and refreshing version.Great work by Herrington

    24. abdelhazim says:

      One of the all time fave’s, great with Walter on vocals. Refreshing to hear this version.
      Top lyrics…

    25. candelise says:

      @ayalasender On the bootleg recordings?

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