Steely Dan Haitian Divorce

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    25 Responses to Steely Dan Haitian Divorce

    1. kezzer2 says:

      I dont think they knew how brillant they were…..great group!

    2. will4ward says:

      Feel your pain,
      Personally, I just sing (well) a lot of Dan at the local Karaoke Bar . Kids really dig it and they start rediscovering “70’s music”-America’s gift to the world and posterity!
      Music in the 70’s was more instinctive and soulful.
      Todays music is limited by its immediate need to make a buck!

    3. Lovafunk69 says:

      Amazing truly wonderful piece of music arr harr!

    4. JayBlanche says:

      I was three, but who would ever forget hearing the talkbox for the first time!

    5. 8u5r says:

      Of course they knew

    6. ricenbeans82 says:

      well said man… completely agree with u

    7. BeeRich33 says:

      Were? I saw them two nights ago at Massey Hall, an excellent venue in Toronto. Third row, centre aisle seat. F’in brilliant. 13 people on stage.

    8. kitakashiwa says:

      I went to the Aja show- awesome. What did they play on Thurs besides the Royal Scam album? Curious to see the difference in the set list.

    9. BeeRich33 says:

      They did their hits, some before, some after. I didn’t write it down. Freakin great band.

    10. kitakashiwa says:

      Yeah I was tempted to see the Royal Scam show too… will definitely see them again

    11. kezepema says:

      Extraordinaire fantastic!

    12. GeneraalJazzie says:

      no one owns them

    13. DarkHalo08 says:

      Music was cooler and much better quality back then.

    14. ChicqueSheeer says:

      I can’t believe how many amazing tracks Steely Dan created..many i’ve heard as a kid thru the years not realising they were from this band until recently…

    15. ChuckyTheGoat says:

      Good luck, Haitians. We’re thinking about u!

    16. YOOTUBEDOTCOM says:

      this is one of the best songs to help haiti. it can also help promote divorce tourism in haiti.

    17. justasimplesomeone says:

      well top that if you cant – sound world heaven

    18. Jabbot123 says:

      @GeneraalJazzie I do they work on my farm!!

    19. ArtsPatron2008 says:

      I’m starting to wonder if they’re a tougher lot than us Mainland Americans. All those people being pulled out of the rubble after two weeks, etc. Very inspiring…

    20. Khultan says:


      You have a strange perception of the world you inhabit. Inner strenght, resolve, can manifest from anyone. It just depends on the individual.

    21. meljr says:

      Love the guitar on this track. Who’s the guitar player?

    22. Khultan says:


      Dean Park?

    23. Stingsbabe says:

      Absolute delight and pure class, I love you Steely Dan!!!

    24. bubblegang12 says:

      @ArtsPatron2008 Carlos Santana hahaha

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