Steely Dan – Haitian Divorce (With Lyrics)

Steely Dan – Haitian Divorce Babs and Clean Willie were in love they said So in love the preacher’s face turned red Soon everybody knew the thing was dead He shouts, she bites, they wrangle through the night She go crazy Got to make a getaway Papa say CHORUS: Oh – no hesitation No tears and no hearts breakin’ No remorse Oh – congratulations This is your Haitian Divorce She takes the taxi to the good hotel Bon marché as far as she can tell She drinks the zombie from the cocoa shell She feels alright, she get it on tonight Mister driver Take me where the music play Papa say CHORUS At the Grotto In the greasy chair Sits the Charlie with the lotion and the kinky hair When she smiled, she said it all The band was hot so They danced the famous Merengue Now we dolly back Now we fade to black Tearful reunion in the USA Day by day those memories fade away Some babies grow in a peculiar way It changed, it grew, and everybody knew Semi-mojo Who’s this kinky so-and-so? Papa go CHORUS

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25 Responses to Steely Dan – Haitian Divorce (With Lyrics)

  1. mutinyonthekitkat says:

    @rrduncan2049 Thanks. I’ve always wondered what this song was about.

  2. brianrhg says:

    Steely Dan is cool as shit. And they always will be. The true test of music is how it stands the test of time.

  3. TheAidyboy93 says:

    timeless class

  4. MegaTward says:

    day by day those memories fade away ……..that line gets me every time great song

  5. Khultan says:

    Cool for the lyrics : )

  6. brok328 says:

    Brilliant band – great songs and real musicians who can play them! – sound same live too! Just what are today’s bands afraid off?? Play really live!

  7. Cooleemee43 says:

    “Bon Marche as far as she can tell” Got me thinkin, what is Bon Marche? The Bon Marché, whose name means “a good deal” or “a good market”, was the name chosen for a department store launched in Seattle, Washington, United States, in 1890 by the Nordhoff family. The name comes from Le Bon Marché, a noted Paris retailer and one of the world’s first department stores, founded 40 years earlier.

  8. martinbill123321 says:

    @brok328 One of my top five favorite bands, but “sounds the same live” ?????

  9. brok328 says:

    Yes. OK – recording in a studio is nice and clean, but listen to SD live – it is really them playing and singing. No session guys recording it before hand and the band miming on stage. (And I know this is the studio version of this song – I was talking about the band). It aint High School Musical or any Disney “””Artist”””

  10. SchlumpfigerElch says:

    Whoa, the guitar can talk! 😉
    I love this song…

  11. VHSback says:

    I have heard once that playing guitar like that is really bad for your teeth :p

    It does make it an awesome song though 😀

  12. villastrangiato says:

    Pretty ironic – very few people know who’s behind the artistry and genius of the guitar work in this song. 35 years later – other fine players like Larry Carlton have far more recognition. Dean Parks – the originator of this guitar mastery and that of many other familiar classics – remains a mystery – how does someone this good manage to avoid the world wide acclaim he deserves?

  13. kezzer2 says:

    @rrduncan2049 She then voted Obama in !

  14. kezzer2 says:

    @villastrangiato Its true…we are lucky to see this.

  15. GRAHAM5020 says:

    I have to say i love this song……and the lyrics, super guitar work…thanks for posting JaBluRo835.

  16. tracks2Dj says:

    I’ve just heard this for the first time & it’s changed everything.

    It’s now my No.1 song of all-time due to those lyrics…

    ‘At the Grotto

    In the greasy chair

    Sits the Charlie with the lotion and the kinky hair

    When she smiled, she said it all…’.

    Wonderful & much bettter than anything I’ve heard from The Beatles.

  17. ricenbeans82 says:

    @emmbee a timeless badass tune.

  18. marcellorobert says:

    @rrduncan2049 thanks for the explanation!

  19. marcellorobert says:

    @emmbee yeah, but fuckin’brilliant it is

  20. KatesPinkZeppelin says:

    She drinks the zombie from the coco shell, she feels alright, she get it on tonight yeah”

  21. olebarca99 says:

    I guess three guys just can’t appreciate a great track played by great musicians, their loss.

  22. strangeman509 says:

    This song is so brilliant…a masterpiece of mood and lyric…

  23. NStenO says:

    They call him Clean Willie because he doesn’t do it without The Fez on.

  24. timbali01 says:

    This song made me go out and start buying every Steely Dan record I could find.

  25. adrianadjhja says:

    For this mp3 just go to easymp3grab doht cohm.

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